Coach Talk: Dykstra Solid on Commitment

Last week the Iowa State MBB coaches picked up the commitment from Jordan Dykstra, a 2010 big man out of Rock Valley HS. CN caught up with his head basketball coach Heath Swanson and talked about everything from Jordan's attitude to his skills on the court. Get the details here.

CN: What is it about Jordan at such a young age that makes you think he can be a big-time college basketball player?


Swanson: First of all I'll start off with his attitude. He's a very Christian young man. Academically he's very strong. His work ethic is about as good as I've ever seen from an athlete. He's just very committed to be the best basketball player that he can possibly be.


CN: A lot can happen between now and when Jordan comes to Iowa State. At such a young age, what made this young man so sure that Iowa State is the place for him to go to college?


Swanson: Coach McDermott had a lot to do with that. I think that he just kind of fell in love with Coach McDermott. He's been hearing from some very big schools from like the ACC but he just kind of wants to stay close to home and Coach McDermott is one of the best there is as far as recruiting quality kids. That really means a lot.


CN: Are there any specific schools that you know have taken an interest in him?


Swanson: Just in the surrounding area there's Kansas, UNI, Iowa, Wisconsin. North Carolina is the biggest that's stood out in my mind, that's kind of exciting. Jordan really didn't care. He loves Iowa State and that's what his goal was. He accomplished it.


CN: Has Jordan been a Cyclone fan in the past?


Swanson: Yeah, he's always liked the Cyclones but he's really liked Coach McDermott. He just likes what he stands for.


CN: This kid is very young and very large for his age. How is his coordination as a player?


Swanson: He's 6'9 but he acts like he has a 6'0 frame. In other words, he's very comfortable with his frame. Obviously, having a 6'9 frame doesn't hurt when it comes to recruiting, but obviously what these schools are looking for is the potential in an athlete, the attitude that he has and his work ethic. That's what has attracted so many people up to this point.


CN: What do his parents think about the success their son has had before he's ever played a high school game?


Swanson: It sometimes can be overwhelming but they're taking it in stride. They are strong Christian people. They've prayed about this a lot and this is the answer that they've gotten up to this point. They are very satisfied with it but yet they are very humble people and they know that this is just the beginning to a lot of hard work.

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