Cyler Sanderson Post Meet Q&A

After a fall just 51 seconds into the match, Cyler Sanderson talked to Cyclone Nation about his win and how the season is going so far.


It doesn't seem like there are any freshman nerves.


Cyler: I think everyone's pretty experienced. Coach has been working us pretty hard and I think we're ready to wrestle.


What were you thinking right off the whistle when you got that first takedown and took him right to his back?


Cyler: I was just focused on moving the guy and stuff and I just kind of fell into it. It felt pretty good getting my first pin here (in Hilton).


Were you thinking right off the whistle that this is what I want to do if it is open?


Cyler: Not really. I was just thinking about wrestling hard and that's what happened.


What are your thoughts about this early part of the season?


Cyler: I think it's gone well so far. Everyone's improving everyday and that's what we're trying to do. To improve everyday to the national tournament.




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