Cael Sanderson Post Match Q&A

Head Coach Cael Sanderson met with media after an impressive 40-0 victory over 23rd-ranked Arizona State for his #6 Cyclones.

Coach Sanderson: We matched up real well against Arizona State. They are a pretty good team but we had our  two (Trent Paulson) wrestle a one seed (Brian

Stith) and Travis wrestled their second highest ranked guy (Patrick Pitsch), so we just matched up real well with those guys. Team wise, the effort's there. We still have a couple things that we're working on, but it's just like every other team, this is early in the season.      


It's early, but these freshman seem to be living up to their hype (the 2005 #1-ranked recruiting class).


Coach Sanderson: Yeah it's a great class. These are good kids. They're hard workers and they love to wrestle. They love to get out there and they expect to win. They're not waiting for anything because they expect to win now, and those are the kids that we need to build a solid foundation.


What is your preparation going to be like after this nice win today and Iowa coming up next week?


Coach Sanderson: It's the same as usual. We've been working real hard and our guys are in great shape. We have some big matches coming up over the next two weeks, you know Iowa and Minnesota, and that's what we train for. That's what we love is to compete in arenas that are packed and against top notch teams.

That's what we look forward to.


Talk a little bit about Trent Paulson's 157 pound match that he won against the #1-ranked Brian Stith of Arizona State 2-0.


Coach Sanderson: Tent did a great job. He beat the top-ranked guy in the country for the second time in a week. He beat him last Monday....It's something to build on because that could very well be the NCAA final match up right there.


Match Results


Fanthorpe over Tyler: 14-3

Gallick over Jones: 9-6

Mueller over Payne: 5-2

Sanderson over Smith: Fall 0:51

Trent Paulson over Stith: 2-0

Travis Paulson over Pitsch: 3-1 in OT

Bertolino over Pavlenko: 9-2

Varner over Gifford: Fall 4:05

Backes over Trulson: 10-4

Zabriskie over Moen: Fall 4:53



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