Big 12 Teleconference Notes of Interest

Iowa State Coach Dan McCarney addressed media from around the country this morning in the first Big 12 teleconference of the season.

McCarney on the privilege of playing against #3 Florida State:

"We're honored to be selected to play against a tremendous Florida State team. We broke camp last night and are in game week now. We made a lot of progress during two-a-days. We're very excited about this opportunity. You only get so many chances in life to play against one of the best programs in the history of college football. Both (Bobby Bowden & Eddie Robinson) have been tremendous examples to all of us in the coaching profession with the positive impact they've had on a lot of young people. Bobby is an inspiration to all of us. This is the first time Iowa State has ever been invited to play in a preseason game and we're very proud of it."

McCarney on depth chart at tailback:

"Michael Wagner is still the starting running back after two scrimmages and a mock game. Barring anything injury-wise, Wagner will start the game Saturday night. Hiawatha Rutland will definitely play."

McCarney on depth chart at defensive end:

"Tyson Smith and Beau Coleman will both start at defensive end. We plan to play eight guys up front there Saturday night."

McCarney on replacing Luke Vander Sanden on offensive line:

"As of today, Dwayne Johnson will be starting at left guard."

McCarney on how JaMaine Billups fits into his new position in the secondary:

"Marc Timmons and Anthony Forrest will start, but Billups is definitely in there as a backup."

McCarney on the kicking battle between Adam Benike and Tony Yelk:

"We're still going through that process. There's a real good chance you'll see both of them kicking on Saturday night."

McCarney on the academic status of recruit Max Steward:

"We'll know something for sure on him Wednesday."

McCarney on the legion of Cyclone fans travelling to Kansas City this weekend:

"There's going to be a tremendous crowd. We keep hearing between 30-40,000 Cyclone fans will be there. We're looking for any edge we can get against a phenomenal football team."

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