Notebook: Chizik's First Impression

Gene Chizik's introduction as Iowa State head football coach was quite the spectacle tonight in Hilton Coliseum. As you would expect, CN was there in full force to cover this historic night in Iowa State athletics. Click here to get notes on what Chizik had to say in his opening press conference.

-         To begin the press conference, Iowa State Athletic Director Jamie Pollard made a short announcement. Basically, he named all of the positive things about bringing Chizik to the program. He pointed out that Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN called Chizik the hottest young coach in the country.


-         Shortly after, Pollard introduced Chizik as the next head coach. The first thing that Chizik said was this: "I'm still expecting a rock star of something to come out from behind me," Chizik joked with the crowd about the smoke and lights.


-         Chizik went onto thank Pollard, Iowa State and most of all his family which was sitting in the front row.


-         Chizik said that the main reason why he wanted to come to Iowa State was because of the high level of commitment he's seen from the administration. "They are wanting to make this football program one of the best in the country," Chizik said.


-         Chizik went on to thank Mack Brown of Texas, his mentor. Brown formerly was an assistant at Iowa State and Chizik went on to list some tips that Brown gave him about living in Ames.


-         Chizik thanked Dan McCarney, which made the crowd erupt with applause. Chizik said that he's looking forward to developing a relationship with McCarney.


-         Chizik said that his recruiting will start in the state of Iowa. He made the claim that he wants to get on the road and know every single coach in the state.


-         Chizik was asked what he plans to bring to the table offensively. He said that he needs to evaluate the returning players to figure out the best plan possible to score points. He said that he has to cater to what his current players can do, and recruit the types of players that he wants in his system.


-         Chizik said that he has some people in mind for a staff, but has not talked to any potential staff members. Chizik did say that he had a few Texas staff members in mind for work. He then said that he's not in a huge hurry to create a staff because that can make or break someone as a head coach.

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