Instant Reaction: Moses Excited for Next Year

After the announcement of Gene Chizik as Iowa State's new head coach, CN caught up with Iowa State WR Milan Moses and talked about the future of the program. Find out what Moses had to say here in this Q&A.

CN: What are you thinking Milan? Give me some reaction.


Moses: I'm very excited to see where the program goes from there. He has a great background. He's won some championships, a national championship. I'm excited to see what he'll do for this program.


CN: A lot of guys didn't want Coach Mac to go. When you bring in a guy like this, does that make this transition a little bit easier on you guys?


Moses: Yeah, it makes this a lot easier. Regardless, we were going to have to be motivated to go out and work because of the long season last year. We should all really be ready and pumped up to kick off the 07 season.


CN: What did the coach say to you when he first talked to the team?


Moses: He got straight to the point with what he is about. He's about business. He's interested in how our grades are and then we're going to get into the football. It's exciting. I'm excited to see where he takes us.


CN: When he spoke to the team today, did you see anything that reminded you of Coach Mac?


Moses: They are like the same man. They are both leaders. You could tell that he was a leader. He's a very down to earth person. He's a great Christian man by the way that he was talking before here.

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