Instant Reaction: Brandtner is Proud

Gene Chizik met with the Iowa State players about an hour before his big press conference on Monday night at 6. What did the coach have to say? Find out what punter Mike Brandtner has to say about his new coach right here in this Q&A.

CN: What was your initial reaction when you heard that Gene Chizik was going to be your new head coach?


Brandtner: I knew that he was from Texas and I knew that he was a defensive coordinator down there and he obviously had a ton of success. I didn't really know much about where he was from until tonight. He coached at Texas and was a part of a national championship team. That's a great honor to have him as a coach. I'm very proud and happy that he's going to be my coach. Also, I learned that he was from Auburn and Clemson, which I didn't know. Those are also fine schools so that's great to have him here.


CN: What did Coach Chizik say to you guys when you met at 5 p.m.?


Brandtner: He was very serious. He told us how it was going to be and he was very sure of himself in how he was going to talk to us. The tone in his voice was very serious. It seemed like he wanted to go out and start practice right then to see what we had and see what we could do for him. I'm sure he's seen us and I'm sure that he knows what we can do. He played against us a month and a half ago. It looks like he's really excited to be able to coach us and he should be. We'll be good next year.


CN: I know that you guys will never forget about Mac but does the fact that your new coach is so qualified make this transaction just a little bit smoother?


Brandtner: It's good because we had a coach like Coach Mac who had to battle while he was at Iowa State and he had to bring the program up. Now, we have a guy who is really used to success. He doesn't know much about losing. The drive that he has to win is really going to help this team right now after the season we had.


CN: Would you consider the feeling in the locker room positive after meeting the coach?


Brandtner: Yeah, definitely. Considering he's coming from a Big 12 school, he knows what the conference is like. He knows the competition and he knows what kids he needs to bring in to help this team as much as we need help right now. We have guys in place who are very capable at very key positions but we are also missing some guys in key positions. To have a coach who knows how to win and he's a good recruiter, it will help us out a whole lot.


CN: What was it like watching that press conference?


Brandtner: It was kind of a weird feeling seeing somebody who wasn't Coach McCarney. That's how I'm sure a lot of guys felt. That's no disrespect to Coach Chizik or anything. I'm very glad to have him and it seems like everyone was there. I felt that he did a great job. He really said that he was going to focus on the players instead of himself and all of the other distractions.

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