Jamie Pollard Q&A

After Monday night's press conference Jamie Pollard took questions from numerous members of the media. Find out a little bit of what Pollard had to say right here in this CN Q&A.

Q:  A lot of times we hear people say that Iowa State can't do any better than what Dan McCarney can do. Does that bother you?


Pollard: I have always gone on record saying that our two biggest challenges at Iowa State are our facilities and our belief that we are afraid to try and be good. There is nothing wrong with failing. That's been our whole attitude that we've been trying to bring to the table for the last 15 months. You have to want to do something. If you don't do it, big deal. You don't do it but life is no fun not trying.


Q: Would you have bumped the assistant coach money even if Dan would have stayed and gone 8-3 this year?


Pollard: Well we had been on a track with Dan of trying to continually upgrade compensation of the coaches. That's a hypothetical question because we weren't 8-3 so I can't really answer that. But we had been on track. We upped the assistant coach compensation last year by $150,000. This time is was 1.2 and we took it up to 1.5.


Q: Do you honor the commitments of the recruits already committed here?


Pollard: We had decided to do that as soon as we made the announcement.


Q: When did you shake hands and agree that he would be your coach?


Pollard: We agreed on Sunday morning. We couldn't shake hands because we were in different cities. We offered him the job on Saturday night. He wanted the opportunity to go back and talk to Mack Brown about it one more time because Mack is his mentor. He called me on Sunday morning and said that he had spoken to Mack and he wanted to do it.

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