Bates: Commitment Still Solid

So far Phillip Bates is the headliner in Iowa State's recruiting class of 2007. How solid is his commitment after the coaching change? Find out what his fater told CN on Thursday.

It now appears that Iowa State will probably hold on to their headline recruit so far in the class of 2007 after the coaching change that has taken place over the past few weeks. That man is quarterback Phillip Bates out of Omaha North HS.


"I would say that Phil is pretty solid that he's going to be going to Iowa State based on everything I know," said Phillip's dad, Phillip Bates Sr.


Bates seemed happy with McCarney's replacement on the phone Thursday afternoon and also cleared up the rumor that his son has always been a solid commitment to Iowa State.


"He never considered himself not going to Iowa State even though they had the coaching switch. He's been pretty solid regardless of what was going on there," Bates said.


As of Thursday afternoon, Bates Sr. didn't think that his son had been in direct contact with new Iowa State head coach Gene Chizik, but he did say that Bates Jr. has plenty of questions ready for his new coach.


 "I know that Phillip is interested in who is going to be the offensive coordinator and quarterback's coach," Bates said. "When Phil does talk to the coach, those are going to be the questions that are high on his list I'm sure."


Bates Jr. has also been vocal in the past about his close relationships with current Iowa State quarterbacks Bret Meyer and Austen Arnaud.


Regardless of whom the assistants will be, which Bates was clueless of, he did say that the acquisition of Coach Chizik was impressive.


"It's an exciting time to have a coach of that nature," Bates said.



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