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Iowa State, Florida State team notes
McCarney plugs hole on offensive line
Des Moines Register

"The turnaround started with recruiting - and having rules. It was kind of a loose ship when I got there. When I was at West Virginia, people just wanted to beat Pittsburgh. When I got to Florida State, they were just happy to beat anybody."
Unlike in early days, Bowden no longer second-best
Des Moines Register

"It's been a tight race. Rutland has played well, too, but Mike Wagner is our starter as of right now. Both can and will play Saturday. They'll both get the chance."
McCarney decides on starting tailback for opener
Quad City Times

"I've been hearing it from our fans all summer long, `I'm going to be there.' That's not lip service. They'll be there, and to see 30,000 to 40,000 in the stands will give us a great feeling."
Sports weekend in Kansas City revolves around Eddie Robinson Classic
Kansas City Star

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