UWM Post Game: Bill Fennelly Q&A

The Iowa State WBB team picked up a big 85-48 win over UWM on Saturday. Find out what Coach Fennelly had to say after the game right here at CN.

Bill Fennelly: First of all, it's great to see so many kids get double-digit minutes. I think we had 11 kids get double-digit minutes. The highlight of the game for me was my girl Abby (Reinert) making a shot. That made my day. I thought our post players really came to play today. We have been on them pretty hard lately. I thought we played well. There was no let down from Iowa, we defended, and we tried a couple of different combinations. Our guards were really smart and efficient in giving up the ball and not forcing shots. The things we have been working hardest on in practice are better post play and taking care of the ball, and both of those happened today.


What did you think of the way Nicky Wieben reacted to coming off the bench rather than starting?

BF: I am very proud of her. I thought she played with a lot of energy today. She wanted the ball. She took 11 shots, and I'm not sure she had 11 shots in the last four games. She went after the ball and she got to the free-throw line. Hopefully, that is something that she can build on.


Rachel Pierson played well offensively, but she had a lot of quick fouls.

BF: That is something that we talked a lot about with Rachel. There's a way to be physical, and you have to adjust to the game. The game was called tighter than any game we have played all year, so you have to adjust. She's not only hurting the team, but she's hurting herself. She had 12 points in only 12 minutes but had four fouls. It's only the seventh college game that she's played, so I have to be careful of expecting to much from her.


This was the first game this season that the post players have outscored the guards. How excited does that make you?

BF: I am ecstatic. We had a tremendous advantage in the post, but we have had that same advantage before and didn't score. They wanted the ball, and the guards got them the ball. We told our kids before the game to get the ball inside and score. We have got to find a way to get an easy basket every once in a while.


Toccara Ross has now been in double-figures five straight games now.

BF: She brings us a lot of energy, and she is a hard match up for people. She has become a really solid option for us. We didn't anticipate her being this good this soon. The biggest thing for me was that she had zero turnovers in 19 minutes today.


How much does it help the reserves to get this much playing time?

BF:  I think it helps a great deal. The bottom line is that it's a game. You can't simulate game play in practice. How do you manage the game? How do you come back from a disappointing start? They all want to play and they have all practiced hard. Obviously you can't get them in there all the time, but what it does is that when they get in games in the future they will be more relaxed and ready to play. Experience is a great teacher. It is fun to see them all play, and to see them have success is really good.

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