Bulldogs Upset Familar Cyclone Team in Hilton

Iowa State suffered their second loss of the season at the hands of the Drake Bulldogs by a score of 80-78. Read everything that you need to know about Sunday's game right here at CN.

Iowa State was down by 16 points with 11:37 to go in Sunday's game against Drake, to come back and be within two with 4.4 seconds to go. The Cyclones went on to do everything right in those final seconds, except Dodie Dunson's potential game winning 3-point basket was a fraction of a second too late.


"I didn't know. I just shot it," Dunson said after the game about whether he got the shot off or not.


Dunson did shoot the ball, something that never should have happened according to Iowa State head coach Greg McDermott after the game.


"I talked to Mike. Mike has got to shoot that ball," McDermott said.


One common theme throughout the post-game press conference was the familiarity factor between the two in-state rivals. Why? Because Sunday's game in Hilton was a who's who of the top players in the Capital City League.


"The fact that these guys played together in the summer league; there is not an intimidation factor there. They know our guys, they know how we play," McDermott said.


The other hot topic was Iowa State's defensive play, which in Rahshon Clark's opinion, was not good.


"We just came out too slow. We weren't aggressive on the ball," Clark said. "We just didn't execute on defense well."


At the end of the day, McDermott told the media that he has feared this game for a long time. Why?


"This was the last type of team we need to play in terms of our development. A Tom Davis coached team is the last team you need to see," McDermott said about his young team.


Drake's full-court press was an obvious factor in Sunday's game. When you add that to the fact that Iowa State only has eight scholarship players, fatigue took its ugly toll on the Cyclones.


"Bottom line, Drake is a better team than us right now," McDermott said.


Iowa State will finish out their battles against state rivals on Friday night when the Cyclones travel to Iowa City to tip off against the Hawkeyes at 7 p.m.


"If we don't defend any better than this on Friday night, it will be a long night on the road," McDermott said.



Key Stats:


Dodie Dunson had 16 points and went 4-5 from 3-point range.


Wesley Johnson had 16 points and 10 rebounds.


Rahshon Clark had 13 points and nine rebounds.


Mike Taylor had 12 points and eight turnovers.


Jiri Hubalek only played 12 minutes, scoring six points.


Iowa State only had 13 assists compared to Drake's 21.


Iowa State attempted 26 3-pointers, making 10 of them.


Ross Marsden didn't play for the second game in a row due to the flu.


Cory Johnson has only played three minutes in the last two games combined.






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