Cyler Sanderson Post Match Q&A

Cyler Sanderson had a takedown with 28 seconds lift in his match to help seal his 9-8 win over Iowa's Alex Grunder. Find out what he had to say afterwards in this Q&A.

How huge was this for you to get that takedown and win in an environment like this?


Sanderson: It was a big match. It was nice to get that win....It felt great to be able to come here and win.


Sanderson came out trying to headlock Grunder and go for the big pin right away like he did against Arizona State, but instead gave up a takedown.


Were you trying to jump out in front and go for the fall like you did against Arizona State when you went for that early headlock?


Sanderson: I was just trying to wrestle hard and do my best. Whatever happens happens. I was just trying to go hard though.


How does the team feel now?


Sanderson: Obviously they're upset but it's early in the season and we've got a long ways to go. It's just a chance for everyone to move on and to get better and to improve things that are lacking right now. At the end of the season I think it will have helped us and that's all we can use it for now.

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