Cael Sanderson Post Meet Q&A

Cael Sanderson talks about his young Cyclones and their performance in Iowa City. Hear what the Head Coach had to say in this post meet Q&A.

How frustrating was it for you to start out the first four matches and get the opening takedown and get the win in only one of them?

Sanderson: Well you saw it. We were real close. If that meet was wrestled right over it could have gone exactly the other direction. If it was in Ames it could have gone exactly the opposite direction. It was a little frustrating but I think that we showed that this team is for real. These guys are going to be tough to beat. This is going to be a special team. We have six freshman and they're only going to get better. This was a great test for us out here. This is what we want...That's national tournament type atmosphere.

After the first match you went over and talked to the official. What was your criticism there?

Sanderson: That's part of the fun of wrestling away. They're going to pick the ref and they did a good job. We didn't think it was two yet, he still needed to establish control, but that's sports. Things generally aren't going to go your way.

How much of that match actually set the tone?

Sanderson: That was a big deal. I mean Gable was flipping us the bird across the mat, I think that's pretty good. That shows you that was a big match.

What was said at the end of regulation when Perry had injured his knee and it seemed like everyone was getting acquainted?

Sanderson: They like to talk more to the coaches than we do. We'd rather talk to the officials and to our athletes. But you know it's just friendly conversation about where they were going to have their dinner after the game.

What did you want the younger guys to get out of this wrestling in front of 13,000 people?

Sanderson: We just wanted them to go out and fight....The passivity calls were a little crazy back-and-forth. You saw it. We didn't take a timeout. I don't know how many timeouts they took. We were pushing them all over and they had injury times. So we're happy with the progress that we're making, we're happy with our preparation. We just have to stay real positive and I'd be crazy not to be positive with this team. Six freshman. These guys are tough.

How big was that win for Cyler to be able to get that takedown with 20 seconds left in an atmosphere like this?

Sanderson: It was great to see Cyler push through that. Obviously he got a little emotional probably through the match and that's some of the little things that this is a great match for because in the national tournament you can't get involved emotionally with what's going on out there. You have got to stay focused, you have got to stay in your own little bubble and that's the little thing that he learned. For him to push through there showed a lot of courage, a lot of heart. He did a great job.

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