Notebook: McDermott Talks Rivalry

On Friday night in Carver Hawkeye Arena in Iowa City, the Iowa State Cyclones will go head to head with their biggest rival, the Iowa Hawkeyes. Find out what Iowa State head coach Greg McDermott had to say about Friday's game and his team's overall performance this morning right here at CN.

-         McDermott said that his team made too many fundamental mistakes on defense against Drake. He said that when he went back and looked at the film, his team is struggling in covering for other teammates when they make mistakes on defense, a characteristic that all good defensive teams have. He said that Drake really took advantage of that.


-         McDermott said that the crowd really helped his team climb back in the game.


-         McDermott admitted that he made a big coaching mistake late in the game. He said that if he would have challenged the refs to look at the clock after Drake's final basket that his team probably could have gotten a few extra tenths of a second.


-         McDermott said that Iowa Coach Steve Alford is going through a lot of the same growing pains with young player that he is. He said that Alford, like himself is forcing young kids to play out of their positions which is difficult.


-         McDermott said that Iowa will be a different team once they get PG Mike Henderson back.


-         McDermott said that stopping Adam Haluska will be the focal point of their defensive preparations for Friday night.


-         McDermott said that junior Jiri Hubalek was late for the team's shoot around on Sunday and that's why he didn't start. He said that Hubalek's day got started off on the wrong foot and that he never recovered from that. He also said that he's confident in Hubalek's shooting due to how he's been in practice all season long.


-         McDermott said that it was a coaching decision as to why Cory Johnson didn't play against Drake. He pointed out that Drake went to a small lineup in the second half, leaving the majority of the post minutes to Jessan Gray and Wesley Johnson. He also said that he expects Johnson to play more on Friday.


-         McDermott pointed out that his team has played eight games, and had a chance to win all of them at the end which is positive for his team.


-         McDermott said that getting Michael Taylor to a consistent state on the court will be a process. He said that Taylor settled down in the second half against Drake and created more opportunities for his teammates, which is something that he hasn't done consistently all year long.


-         McDermott said that the feeling of playing Iowa is different at Iowa State mainly because he is used to always being the underdog at UNI. He said that this rivalry is unique because Iowa doesn't have any professional sports team. He said that it's powerful and special in Iowa.


-         McDermott pointed out that there aren't too many Iowa guys on ISU's roster, but said that they will all understand the rivalry once they hit the floor on Friday.


-         McDermott said that Drake and UNI's experience won out against his team this week. He said that developing discipline takes time and repetition. He said that his team is getting better, but there's still a long ways to go.


-         McDermott said that Ross Marsden's battle with the flue has been a tough one. He also said that he is hopeful to have Ross back this week.

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