Bates: Unofficial Set for Weekend

Phillip Bates Sr. told CN last week that the hiring of the new offensive coordinator and quarterback's coach were going to be key for his son, Phillip Bates Jr. out of Omaha North. Now that Iowa State has done that, find out what Bates told CN about the situation in this recruiting feature.

Phillip Bates will be taking an unofficial visit to Iowa State this upcoming weekend to meet the new Cyclone coaching staff. Last week Bates' father, Phillip Bates Sr. told CN that the primary concern of his son's was the hiring of the new offensive coordinator and quarterback's coach at Iowa State.


In the past week, Robert McFarland was named the offensive coordinator and Jay Rodgers was named the new quarterback coach.


Bates told CN on Wednesday night that he'll be taking a trip to Ames to meet the new staff.


"I'm going up there this weekend to talk with the new offensive coordinator," Bates said.


Bates also admitted that he doesn't know much about the new staff.


"I really don't know anything about them actually. That's why I'm going this weekend, to meet everybody," Bates said.


Though Bates still hasn't met McFarland, it appears that he's hit it off with new head coach Gene Chizik.


"I've talked to him actually like four times this week. We're getting a relationship started," Bates said. "I think he's coming to town (Omaha) next week."


Bates said that he can see himself playing for Chizik, but while Iowa State was looking for a coach, other schools were hot on his trail. Bates currently is sitting on an offer from Frank Solich's Ohio team and new Michigan State head coach Mark Dantonio has been working the phones with Bates.


"Michigan State called me a couple of days ago," Bates said.


So is Bates still committed to Iowa State?


"I'm still committed but not fully committed yet," Bates said.


CN will keep you updated.


"I could see myself playing for him but I still have to meet him and there's still some other schools out there talking."


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