Cael Sanderson: Post Meet Q&A

Cael Sanderson talks about a tough Minnesota team. Hear what the Head Coach had to say in this post meet Q&A.

How close is your team to turning that corner? Sanderson: We're coming, we're real close. We're making a few mistakes but we've just got to win those close matches. If we can win those close matches we're in the meet. Minnesota has got a great team, well coached and it was a good test for us. We just have to look at it in a way that we're going to build from here and continue to learn. Cyler Sanderson (149) lost to #1 Dustin Schlatter 9-2 and Jake Varner (184) lost to 2nd-ranked Roger Kish 7-2. Talk about how Cyler and Varner wrestled tonight? Sanderson: They had some tough guys. Cyler had the returning national champion and he felt him and that's what we wanted. We wanted to get that feel and now we can go from there. Varner, the same thing, we learned some things. Same thing with Dave (Zabriskie lost to #1 Cole Konrad 18-5), he had the defending national champion. We're happy. We always want to win and we want to fight to win, but it's still a positive experience for us and we'll come back firing, come back the better team. How important was it for Backes to come out strong tonight and dominate? Sanderson: It was real important for Backes. He knows that he's a senior and that he needs to lead this team. It's real important to us. Did you think this was a better performance tonight than against Iowa? Sanderson: It's hard to compare the two meets. We learned different things there than we did today but we're learning. With six freshman they're going to make some mistakes and now it's our job to get back to the drawing board and correct them and move forward. Minnesota 19 Iowa State 13 Match Results 125-Fanthrope vs. Ness. 12-5 Ness 133-Gallick vs. Thorn. 5-2 Gallick 141-Mueller vs. Rivera. 4-1 Rivera 149-Sanderson vs. Schlatter. 9-2 Schlatter 157-Trent Paulson vs. Safratowich. 5-3 Trent Paulson 165-Travis Paulson vs. Larson. Travis Paulson 7-0 174-Turner vs. Dretsch. Dretsch 8-4 184-Varner vs. Kish. Kish 7-2 197-Backes vs. Malamura. Backes 14-3 HWT-Zabriskie vs. Konrad. Kondrad 18-5

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