Trent Paulson: Post Meet Q&A

Trent Paulson talks about where his team is at at this point in the season. Hear what the team captain had to say in this Q&A.

Did you have to mentally prepare yourself after Sunday (Trent Paulson lost to 3-2 to Iowa's Morningstar)?

Paulson: Yeah there was a lot of talking. Not necessarily just with myself but with the whole team. We re-evaluated everything and wanted to see what we needed to do from that point of the season on to accomplish what we want in March.

Was this a better effort?

Paulson: Yeah I think the guys came out and wrestled a lot harder and fought. I think it was a better performance against a better team too.

Paulson had a 5-3 decision over Tyler Safratowich.

What about you? How do you feel about your performance tonight?

Paulson: The kid did a pretty good job of blocking off and getting over ties, but I just need to keep pushing the pace the whole time.

Have you and Travis been working on getting those bonus points in practice?

Paulson: Yeah we've been trying. We've been just wrestling hard every day.

Has Cael been emphasizing that a lot?

Paulson: He has been emphasizing not worrying about winning or losing but just trying to go out there and score as many points as possible and pulling the head down and banging. The shots will come.

Do you think this team is about ready to break loose and take it to somebody?

Paulson: Yeah I definitely think our team isn't even close to reaching its potential. All these freshman I think still are feeling a lot of pressure on their shoulders with the expectations that are brought on to them, but I think they're fine. We'll keep moving along and get better.

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