Bates Returns from Unofficial Visit

Omaha North's Phillip Bates took an unofficial visit to Iowa State on Saturday to meet new Cyclone offensive coordinator Robert McFarland. Find out what Bates had to say about his visit and also see if he's still committed to Iowa State here in this CN recruiting piece.

Phillip Bates took an unofficial visit to Iowa State on Saturday so he could meet new offensive coordinator Robert McFarland. Bates originally committed to Iowa State last spring and has stayed committed through the entire coaching crisis in Ames, but he's admitted to CN in the past that he's not as solid as he was before Dan McCarney left around a month ago.


According to Bates, this weekend went as well as it possibly could.


"I talked to Coach McFarland all day and we had a pretty good visit. It was a lot of fun," Bates told CN on Sunday night. "We talked about the type of offense he was going to run and how I would fit into it, all of those good things."


What type of an offense will McFarland bring to Iowa State? That's a hot question going around Ames right now and as far as Bates could tell, it will be a balanced spread offense that he sees himself fitting into in the future.


"He just showed me a lot of four-wide, stuff like that," Bates said. "He sees me as a pretty big thing there in the future. We watched my highlight tape and then we watched some of the things that they do. He showed me some of the packages that they run."


Bates enjoyed his time in Ames, but also said that he's not done checking out his options for next year.


"I'm going to take a couple more visits," Bates said. "I'm still committed, I'm just looking around too and leaving open my options."


Other Notes


  • Bates said that new head coach Gene Chizik was not in Ames this weekend. That leaves CN to believe that he must have been on the road recruiting with the rest of his new staff.


  • Bates told CN last week that Coach Chizik would be visiting him in Omaha this week.


  • Bates also said that Iowa State is well on track to hire a new quarterbacks coach, but he doesn't know who or when it will happen.


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