Notebook: Sanderson Happy With Effort

On Monday, Iowa State wrestling Coach Cael Sanderson met with members of the local media to talk about his team's upcoming match with the UNI Panthers. Find out what Sanderson had to say in right here in this wrestling notebook.

  • Sanderson said that UNI is a solid team and that they have developed a great program over the years.


  • Sanderson said that his team will be challenged with finals being this week. "We want to get some A's and finish it off with a big win on Sunday," Sanderson said.


  • Sanderson said that he feels like his team has a chance to improve more than any other team in the nation this year due to the fact that they are wrestling with six freshmen. Sanderson preached that everybody is getting better on the team everyday and that they have a policy in place to never be satisfied.


  • Sanderson pointed out that in every single match, the six freshmen are learning.


  • Not only are the freshmen learning a lot every match, Sanderson said that he's learning a lot as a coach.


  • He said that the freshmen are fighting hard, but he has to really stay positive with them to keep them on track.


  • Sanderson said that he needs to keep pushing the pace with his kids to keep them competing hard. He said that's what he's looking for in the next few weeks.


  • Sanderson said that he's proud of his guys and that losing against Iowa and Minnesota had nothing to do with a lack of effort.


Iowa State will go head to head with the Panthers at 2 p.m. on Sunday at Hilton Coliseum. The dual will be televised on Iowa Public Television.

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