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What I Hate About College…


People tell me all of the time that college was the best time of their life. They tell me to enjoy it while it's here because once it's gone, it's never coming back. I agree with them for the most part. I love college.


I love staying up until 2 A.M. drinking coffee like it's my job while I'm writing about how sick Craig Brackins will be in 2007.


I love playing NCAA Football 2007 at midnight with my roommates.  


I love eating frozen pizza and Ramen Noodles five meals a week.


I love gaining 30 pounds in four years.

I love every single one of those things. But there is one thing that I hate more than anything on the face of this planet.


That thing…is finals week and it's here. It's the only week of the year when I actually spend hours at the library. Unfortunately for me, so does everybody else and their dogs. The library might as well be a bar during finals week. The Frats and Sororities dominate the third floor, there are traffic jams on campus from people frantically trying to get a close parking spot to the library and I could never forget to mention those insane people who freak out during this incredible week to the point where they hate on everyone and everything around them. Why do they do this? Because of these little things we call tests.


Why do people care so much? Two reasons: 1) we all want to graduate 2) we all want to graduate.


That's where I'm at. One more semester and I'm out of here fast than Richard Simmons in a rap video.


For you students reading this, take a word of advice from an ole finals pro (I think that's me). Take a break! Watch an episode of Seinfeld, go work out, play some Playstation, do anything. Just don't kill yourself and become one of those people like the girl I'm looking at right now who looks like she just got hit by the Titanic.


If you get a C on a final, it's not the end of the world. In fact, I think you're doing pretty well. In my book, that mean's you're batting .500, which would make you millions in the Major Leagues.


Fennelly for President


I absolutely love watching this year's WBB team. Why? Because I can actually be a fan. Andrew Martin is doing a bang up job covering the women, so I've decided to become a diehard WBB fan this season sitting in the stands and I'm loving it.


I went to Saturday's game against Minnesota and came away with these tidbits.


1)     The atmosphere at Iowa State WBB games is nothing short of incredible. I've been to women's games at a few other schools before and it's not even comparable. At women's games I've been to elsewhere, the people want to win, but if they don't it's not the end of the world. That's not the case at Iowa State. Clone fans take their ball for blood. I love that.


2)     Bill Fennelly might be the most entertaining part of the game and that's no offense to the action on the court. I love watching this guy coach. Whether if it's watching him pace back and forth or getting in some innocent girls grill, watching Fennelly coach is priceless and he truly is one of the best in the game.



3)     "Wild" Bill is the man. I wish we had him at men's games too. On Saturday, he actually was in Cyclone Alley leading chants with the college students. This guy might be in his 70s (that's an estimate), but he's got the heart of a 20 year old.


Looking ahead, the women's team probably won't lose again before the conference season starts. That means that they should be ranked by that time. It'll be an exciting conference season and this team could go deep into the NCAA tournament.


Why am I so confident? Because Lyndsey Medders has matured a lot as a point guard since last season. For her, she's not scoring a whole lot this season (she's averaging 13.4 PPG this season). That means that she's getting her teammates involved and she's taking really good shots. She's just been a little cold lately, but she'll come around. While she probably won't be an All-American this season, she's probably increasing her stock as a future WNBA point guard by her new style of play.


Negedu to ISU???


Last Friday I wrote a recruiting piece about 2008 PF Emanuel Negedu out of the Brewster Academy. Negedu refuses to give me a list of his leaders but it's pretty much common knowledge now that it's going to come down to Iowa State, Iowa and Arizona.


Personally, I like Iowa State's chances of landing this kid for one main reason.


He has a ton of connections to Iowa State. Those are his current running mate Craig Brackins and his former teammate Dodie Dunson. Negedu told me that he looks up to Brackins and he also said that he's in consistent contact with Dodie because the two are still good friends.


With Negedu, it's going to come down to who is influential in his recruitment. If it's Brewster coach Jason Smith, I like Iowa State's chances. If it's anybody else, I question Iowa State chances.


One thing that is for sure is that if somehow the Clones can land Negedu, the 2008 class could be just what Greg McDermott needs to get this program over the hump.


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