Brackins: Already Representing Iowa State

Craig Brackins is having quite the season for the Brewster Academy (8-2) so far in 06. Not only is he putting up big numbers playing prep ball, but there are a lot of other noteworthy things going on in the future Cyclone's life. Will he be a McDonald's All-American? What's special about his relationship with Charles Boozer? What does Brackins think about Emanuel Negedu? Get the answers here.

Already Representing the Clones


Craig Brackins can't help but hear the talk around Cyclone country about him being a possible McDonald's All-American. If he receives the honor, he'd be the second Cyclone in the history of the school to participate in the prestigious game, the other being Marcus Fizer. That's not bad company for the Brewster Academy's standout big man, but according to Brackins, that's not going to make or break his career. In fact, he's not even worried about it.


"It's not what I'm striving for on the court. I don't think ‘well I have to score this' or anything like that. If it happens it will be a wonderful opportunity, that's crazy. But if it doesn't happen, I'm not worried about it," Brackins told CN on Monday night.


Though being chosen for the game isn't his top priority, Brackins also admitted that he's thought about what it would mean to represent Iowa State in the game.


"I've thought about if I'm there and they introduce me that they will say I'm signed with Iowa State. That puts Iowa State on the map. I think about that too. Every time I step on the court I think about what I'm going to do and how I'm going to react because I'm representing Iowa State," Brackins said.


Reuniting With Boozer


CN discovered that Brackins has a history with Iowa State's newest commit Charles Boozer. Boozer and Brackins originally met at an Adidas Camp in 2005 where they just happened to be on the same team.


"We were cool from then and I've seen him around with him going to Stoneridge so we've known each other. With him going to Iowa State, we've just connected more on the phone. Now we talk almost all of the time," Brackins said.


Brackins was shocked when he heard about Boozer's commitment to Iowa State. He didn't even know that the coaches were recruiting Boozer.


"It just came out of nowhere. The day he committed, that night, I talked to Coach Otzelberger and he told me. Then I called him [Boozer] and he told me that he had been talking to the coaches and that he felt comfortable. Two or three days later he committed," Brackins said.


Negedu is Interested


Brackins isn't the only Brewster big man getting a solid amount of attention from the Iowa State coaching staff. The coaches have been focusing a lot of their attention on 2008 prospect Emanuel Negedu, who just happens to be very close friends with Brackins.


"He's asked me questions about Iowa State. He likes it. His old teammate Dodie [Dunson] goes to Iowa State. Emanuel and I, we're really close. He talks to T.J. and Coach McDermott. He's always talking about Iowa State," Brackins said.


Brackins also made it clear that Negedu's play on the court makes him worthy of the attention.


"As a player, Emanuel is a freak athlete. I've never seen somebody as athletic as him. The kid can jump like a pogo stick, it's ridiculous," Brackins said.


Chances are, Negedu's decision will come down to Iowa State, Iowa and Arizona.


Brewster Sitting at 8-2


Brackins has been slowed down a little bit lately due to tendonitis in one of his knees, but other than that his season has been solid. His highlight was scoring 28 points in one half against the Lee Academy around a month ago. Brewster is currently 8-2.


"Things are going well I think. I have on days and off days. Shots are on, shots are off. That happens all the time but I feel pretty good," Brackins said.


Brackins knows that defense will be the key for his team the rest of the season.


"I honestly think that we have a chance to go far. We have to keep up our defensive intensity like we've been doing," Brackins said. "When we come out and play defense, I don't think that anybody can hang with us."


Keeping Up With the Clones


Brackins is focusing on his current season but he's also keeping an eye on Iowa State at all times this season. From what he's seen so far of the young Cyclone team, Brackins is remaining optimistic about the future in Ames.


"I've been keeping up with their season, every game talking to Coach McDermott and everybody, even the players too. I know that they're young and they're getting a feel for the college atmosphere," Brackins said. "Next year they'll have a year experience and I'll come along. They'll give me advice and I think we'll be alright."



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