Savannah State Post Game Quotes

Iowa State's men's basketball team moved to 7-3 last night after their 70-59 victory over the Savannah State Tigers. Find out what Greg McDermott and Rahshon Clark had to say after the game right here at CN.

Greg McDermott


On the game…


"I'm just happy to see those guys smile again. We purposely slowed the tempo in an effort to control our mistakes. We just didn't feel like we could turn the ball over 20 + times again so we decided to slow the game down."


"Corey McIntosh handled coming off the bench with a lot of maturity and Jiri gave us some good minutes coming off the bench."


On the starting lineup changes…


"I'm seeing too many mistakes over and over again and if that is going to happen, it might as well happen with freshmen. Who starts the game has never been important to me. The only thing that matters is who finishes."


On Wesley Johnson


"He has great anticipation skills on rebounding. He has a knack for knowing where the ball will be and he is very coachable and listens to what we say. He has been a factor in every game, no matter who we play."


On Mike Taylor…


"Mike was embarrassed that he led the country in turnovers and we talked with him about it and told him he has to change or we are going to take him out. I felt that tonight he played fast but didn't play recklessly. He was more concerned with getting the ball where it needed to be, rather than scoring."


"If we are going to win this year, it is going to be like this every game. Right now, we are not capable of making decisions in a hurry. Slowing the game down allows a team that is not as talented to hang around and we are hoping that it will also help us hang around with a team that is more talented than we are."


"I give my guys credit for concentrating enough to pull this win our during finals week."


"Mike made a huge three. He came off a screen, the post rolled to the hoop, but Mike made the right read and made a huge play for our team."


Rahshon Clark


"We just lost three in a row and I felt I needed to be more involved and bring more energy to the team. Today I came ready to play and wanted the ball."


"We played defense really well. They just put up a shot and the end and made it. Coach told us we did a good job on defense."

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