Post Meet Q&A: Cael Sanderson

CN talks with Cael Sanderson after his team's 38-3 dominating win over the Panthers.

Talk about the two redshirt freshman setting the tone with two big pins to start the match.

Sanderson: Nick Fanthorpe and Nick Gallick both came out and wrestled hard and wrestled real smart. They got the pins against some pretty tough competitors, so we were real happy with that.

Coach Penrith said that he was upset with his team's lack of fire. Did you see that out of the UNI team?

Sanderson: I know that UNI has a great team and some great history but we just wrestled real well tonight. Everybody looked confident and they were working in the area that we've been spending a lot of time in, so I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

How pleased are you with how aggressive they (the ISU wrestlers) were all afternoon long?

Sanderson: That's what we want Iowa State wrestling as. We want to be aggressive, we want to be taking risks and pushing the pace, and we were doing that tonight so I was real happy to see that.

Were you guys emphasizing getting the first takedown in practice a lot, because that's what you were able to do in those first couple matches?

Sanderson: Yeah we work real hard on getting takedowns and we spend a lot of time timing them and only giving them a short window to get those takedowns. So that stuffs paying off. The work's paying off.

What's different from your team attitude wise since the Iowa meet with a few weeks to put that behind you?

Sanderson: Everything's a learning experience just like this. Whether you get beat up or you win, you can always take something from it and that's what we've been doing. We've been continuing to build....We've come off a couple tough losses but we learned a great deal too so we're making progress.

What does Mitch Mueller have to do to get past C.J. Ettelson?

Sanderson: It's pretty simple. Mitch just needs to finish his takedowns. He's got some of the best shots on the team and he's just got to be confident that he can finish those shots and he will, it will come.

How much did your team need a meet like this to get its swagger back?

Sanderson: I don't think we ever got sidetracked. Of course we want to win all the time but it's not about winning, it's about getting the right effort because really we're looking at the big picture here (March).

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