Post Meet Q&A: Trent and Travis Paulson

Trent and Travis Paulson talk about their huge wins and how far their team has come this year.

How big did this victory feel for you today over Baima?

Travis Paulson: It felt good. Baima's a stud, he goes out there and wrestles for seven minutes. I like wrestling him because a lot of the guys I wrestle hold back and kind of try to keep the score close. He goes out there and tries to win and I respect him for that. It's always a battle and it's good for the fans so it felt great today.

Did you guys feel like you were in better shape then these guys?

Travis Paulson: Yeah, Cael's pushing the pace real hard. He really makes us believe that in the third period we're going to be on top and that if we're tired, then they're dead tired. We're just working for it and we're confident in our shape.

Trent is that what you were feeling too?

Trent Paulson: Yeah definitely. We've been training hard doing longer amounts of wrestling live and sprints, just mixing it up. Conditioning is definitely going to be a factor and we're going to continue to get in better shape as the season goes on.

Travis, you talked about the conditioning....Is that what allowed you to get that big takedown towards the end of that match with Baima?

Travis Paulson: I knew he had to take a risk and was just kind of waiting on him and trying to score off of it....But I felt great in the third period. He was tired, but I don't think he was really dead tired like some of my other opponents are, because he works real hard.

Is this team's attitude different since the Iowa meet?

Trent Paulson: Definitely. We just took the Iowa meet and we don't even look at it any more. It's history and we're just going to continue to make strides forward. I think that the freshman and everyone learned a lot in that meet. I think we're a better team and we hope to meet up with them at national duals

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