Iowa State vs. Florida State: By the Quarters

Florida State quarter by quarter:

First Quarter:

Getting the ball to start play, Florida State put together an impressive drive to take the early lead. Chris Rix completed 3-of-4 passes for 51 yards and converted on a key third-down conversion with a nifty three-yard scramble. Greg Jones carried the ball four times for 27 yards, but left the field limping after a hard tackle by Brandon Brown. His backup Nick Maddox capped off the drive with a four-yard touchdown at the 9:11 mark.

ISU reached midfield on the ensuing drive, getting a pair of third-down conversions along the way. Seneca Wallace hit Jamaul Montgomery for 12 yards on 3rd-and-five. Then a pass interference call gave ISU a fresh set of downs at the Seminole 48-yard line. However, on the following play Seneca Wallace, under pressure from two defenders, lofted an interception into the hands of Alonzo Jackson that was returned for a touchdown.

The Cyclones moved into Florida State territory once again, thanks to a 13-yard pass to Jamaul Montgomery and the Seminoles' second personal foul penalty of the quarter. But a reverse play that went bad took the air out of ISU's sails, as Lane Danielsen got hit for a seven-yard loss. Coach Dan McCarney turned to Tony Yelk for a 49-yard field goal attempt that the Seminoles blocked.

Florida State tacked on three more points on its next drive drive when Xavier Beitia hit a 35-yard field goal with 1:21 left.

ISU's night continued heading south when Jamaul Montgomery fumbled the ensuing kickoff and the Seminoles returned it to the 10-yard line. Three plays later, Chris Rix found Anquan Boldin in the end zone for a four-yard touchdown and 24-0 lead.

Advantage: Florida State.

Second Quarter:

The Cyclones got a much-needed boost when Lance Young returned the kickoff 55 yards to set the offense up in FSU territory. Two Hiawatha Rutland carries later, ISU was on the board. The junior tailback carried on consecutive rushing plays between the tackles, scoring on a 36-yard burst up the middle 57 seconds into the quarter.

Personal foul penalties continued to haunt the Seminoles two drives later. On first-and-10, Rix hit P.K. Sam for another fresh set of downs, but a personal foul penalty marched the ball back to the 46-yard line. FSU's drive later stalled out when Beau Coleman sacked Rix on 3rd-and-11.

ISU's offense sputtered to its second consecutive three-and-out on the ensuing drive and was forced to punt out of its end zone. Yelk's 38-yard punt gave the Seminoles possession at the Cyclone 37. Rix wasted no time putting his team in the red zone, hitting Sam for 20 yards down to the 18. Three Jones carries later, FSU went up 31-7 with just over a minute left in the half.

With time running down, the Cyclone went into a hurry-up offense. On 3rd-and-8, Wallace hit Lance Young for 20 yards, then hit Lane Danielsen on back-to-back plays for 18 more. Then on 1st-and-10, the ISU quarterback found tight end Kyle Knock for a 29-yard touchdown with nine seconds remaining. The strike cut FSU's lead to 31-14.

Advantage: Florida State.

Third Quarter:

ISU put together one of the game's most impressive drives, but a 15-yard loss by Seneca Wallace on 3rd-and-goal at the one meant the difference between seven points and three. Adam Benike came on to convert the 33-yard field goal, capping off a drive that spanned more than 10 minutes and 79 yards on 19 plays.

Hiawatha Rutland took advantage of a weakness in the middle of FSU's defense, rushing seven times for 31 yards behind blocks set by Zach Butler and Bob Montgomery.

The Seminoles took over and got a key conversion on 3rd-and-9 when Rix scrambled for 11 yards just before the quarter expired.

Advantage: Florida State.

Fourth Quarter:

With FSU set up near midfield on the quarter's opening play, Atif Austin picked off a pass from Rix and returned it 39 yards to the Seminole 25. Danielsen then charged 16 yards to the right sideline on a reverse. Two plays later, on 3rd-and-goal at the one, Wallace scrambled left and dove into the end zone. The score cut FSU's deficit to 31-24 with 13:01 remaining in the game.

The momentum might have been in ISU's side, but the Seminoles showed why they were the third-ranked team in the nation by meeting adversity head on. Rix led his team on an 80-yard scoring drive that spanned just under five minutes and 11 plays. The sophomore quarterback connected with Boldin for a 31-yard touchdown to give FSU a 38-24 lead with 8:15 to play.

The Cyclones came back with some big plays of their own, first getting a 31-yard pass completion from Wallace to Kenny Segin on 4th-and-1. Segin fumbled the ball out of bounds, but moved his team into FSU territory. Three plays later, Wallace connected with Montgomery over the middle for a 39-yard touchdown pass with 5:26 remaining.

FSU tried to run all of the clock it could on the ensuing drive, calling Jones' number three straight times for a combined 38 yards. However, another personal foul penalty and Tyson Smith sack of Rix would force a Seminole punt.

With 2:32 left to play, ISU took over at its own 35-yard line. After a seven-yard loss on a failed reverse play by Danielsen, Wallace hit Rutland for an eight-yard pass. On 3rd-and-9, the Cyclone quarterback found Jack Whitver for 12 yards and a fresh set of downs.

After a pass interference call moved the chains into Seminole territory, Wallace again hit Whitver, this time for three yards. After a two-yard carry by Rutland, ISU converted once again on third down when Montgomery caught a six-yard pass.

Two plays later, the Cyclones faced another 3rd-and-long after Wallace was sacked by Alonzo Jackson for a seven-yard loss on first down. But again the ISU quarterback responded, this time hitting Danielsen for 18 yards with 21 seconds remaining.

In a passing situation with no timeouts left, Wallace dropped back but couldn't find any receivers and was forced to scramble. The quarterback ran right to the sideline and was forced out just short of the goal-line after a 20-yard gain. The Cyclones set up for one more play with four seconds left, but Kendyll Pope stopped short the upset bid by stopping Wallace on a quarterback rollout as time expired.

Advantage: Florida State.

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