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Monday's links from around ther internet "From what we saw, Seneca scored on the second-to-last play of the game. That's what my offensive coaches saw, and I saw the same thing - that the ball was clearly over the goal line when Seneca stretched."
Cyclone coaching staff review tape of next-to-last play
Des Moines Register

I know, I know. How can you let Florida State go? Kansas at Jack Trice Stadium on Saturday? Who feels like a piano recital at the lodge after you've jammed with Aerosmith?
Keeler: Moving on to Kansas important for team
Des Moines Register

"We just looked them in the eye and we say, 'Hey, we're not going to let this happen to Iowa State, we're going to fight. We came back in the second half and that's what you saw - Iowa State fighting back."
Season-opener gives program jolt heading into '02
Des Moines Register

"I reached out there and I thought I was in, but the official didn't see it that way. I thought I got the ball across, but they made the call."
Wallace: I thought I was in
Quad City Times

"He's an outstanding runner in addition to having a great arm, and he got better week after week last season. I think you'll see two of the better quarterbacks in the country on the field Saturday night, but the good thing is that our No. 1 defense sees one of the best in the country every day in practice.''
Rix wants to rid himself of freshman mistakes
Quad City Times

"We obviously still want to be part of bringing college football here in conjunction with Arrowhead Stadium. We've started to have some minor discussions with some teams to bring a regular-season game here. It's possible, but it can be very difficult."
Ruling means college games at Arrowhead could soon be history
Kansas City Star

"We thought he was in on that regard. The bigger question was whether the ball broke the plane of the goal line at the pylon. I haven't seen a TV shot or tight shot that shows that for sure. But this isn't going to be a crybaby deal from us. We had plenty of other chances."
Staff thinks Wallace was in, but won't continue to dwell on it
Omaha World Herald

"When a player is airborne and going over the sidelines, it's where the ball crosses the sidelines. If he goes over the pylon it's a touchdown. It's a judgment call."
Questions abound after result of Eddie Robinson Classic
CBS Sportsline

Wallace, Cyclones fall inches short of possible upset bid
Cedar Rapids Gazette

Despite coming up short in K.C., Wallace impressive
Cedar Rapids Gazette

ISU coach not content with Saturday's near-miss
Cedar Rapids Gazette

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