Weekly College Football Report

Forget the BCS controversy, the two titans from the Big Ten proved that 50-day layoffs between games and swiss cheese secondaries aren't conducive to winning big time bowl games.

1. Florida (13-1)...Here's a sentence I never thought I would type: Jim Walden was right.

2. Ohio State (12-1)...Going wire-to-wire as #1 is tough, which is why only a handful of modern teams have done it. 

3. USC (11-2)...Will be the indisputable preseason #1 team for next season, if Pete Carroll resists the Miami Dolphins.

4. Boise State (13-0)...Just became the Gonzaga of college football by winning an all-time classic.

5. LSU (11-2)...JaMarcus Russell would've gotten tougher competition for the starting quarterback job by staying in college.

6. Wisconsin (12-1)...What a tremendous debut for Bret Bielema, who returns a lot of talent next season from a young team.

7. Louisville (12-1)...Nice swan song for Bobby Petrino, and the Cardinals won't slip at all under Steve Kragthorpe.

8. Michigan (11-2)...Third straight year without beating  the Buckeyes or a bowl win makes this season a hollow rebound for Wolverines.

9. Auburn (11-2)...Was one more game-breaker on offense away from competing for a national championship.

10. West Virginia (11-2)...With Rich Rodriguez, Steve Slaton, and Pat White returning the Mountaineers aren't going anywhere.  

11. Oklahoma (11-3)...The Fiesta Bowl loss shouldn't at all diminish the fact the Sooners overcame adversity to win the Big 12 title.

12. Rutgers (11-2)...This could be just the beginning for the Scarlet Knights under Greg Schiano.

13. Brigham Young (11-2)...I still think the Cougars, not Boise State, were the best team from a non-BCS conference this season.

14. Wake Forest (11-3)...Was this the best football season ever for the Demon Deacons?

15. Texas (10-3)...The defending national champions had an uneven season, and that's with Colt McCoy exceeding expectations.

16. Georgia (9-4)...Young team that finished with three straight quality wins over top programs to serve notice for '07.

17. Virginia Tech (10-3)...Racked up a lot of wins thanks to the Hokies' typical stellar defense.

18. California (10-3)...Despite the solid rebuilding job by Jeff Tedford, the Rose Bowl continues to elude the Bears.

19. Arkansas (10-4)...Three straight losses to to end the season shouldn't diminish what was a solid showing for the Razorbacks.

20. Notre Dame (10-3)...Played three teams of significance this season, and was beaten like a red-headed stepchild by each one.

21. Boston College (10-3)...Will this solid and underrated program slip without Tom O'Brien?

22. Hawaii (11-3)...If Colt Brennan returns get ready to re-write the NCAA record book.

23. Penn State (9-4)...Joe Paterno still knows how to win bowl games, even while sitting in the press box.

24. TCU (11-2)...Gary Patterson just keeps racking up double-digit win seasons for the Horned Frogs.

25. Oregon State (10-4)... Finished with a flurry despite seeing its defense surrender 98 points in the last three games.

Honorable Mention: #26 Tennessee (9-4), #27 Georgia Tech (9-5), #28 Nebraska (9-5), #29 Kentucky (8-5), #30 Maryland (9-4).

Look for our extremely way to premature preseason 2007 rankings next week.

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