Another Big Mac on Campus

With holes to fill on the offensive line and little time to fill them, the new coaching staff at Iowa State was fortunate to land a second-team JUCO All-American that can compete for immediate playing time in Ames.

Cyclone Nation spoke with Joliet (Ill.) College head coach Tom Minnick today about his star offensive lineman Joe McMahon, an NJCAA All-American that is enrolled at Iowa State for the spring semester and will be a part of the football recruiting class of 2007.

"He's a tough p----," Minnick said with obvious affection. "He's a two-time Golden Gloves boxing champion in Illinois that reminds you of the type of kids you see on Chicago's South Side. He's relentless."

What strengths does he bring to Iowa State?

"He's a great down-field blocker," Minnick said. "He gets after it pretty well and is a hard-worker in the weight room. You're getting a good kid."

Who recruited McMahon from the Iowa State staff?

"Todd Fitch recruited him from the old staff and when he was held over he came right back for two of my players," Minnick said. "One of them ended up at Minnesota, but Joe wanted to play at Iowa State. I look forward to watching him on television. He chose ISU over Tulsa, Toledo, and Illinois."

And did Coach Fitch give you any hints about the direction of his new boss during the recruiting process?

"All I can tell you is that he's really excited about things."

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