Cyclones Look East for Prospect

Iowa State has a new found connection with the East Coast, courtesy of first-year offensive line coach Marty Fine, who has plenty of roots in the area. Fine spent one season coaching at Colgate and played college football at Union College in New York State.

Thanks to those strong ties, the Cyclones are being mentioned as one of the programs recruiting Fairfield (Conn.) Notre Dame offensive lineman Matthew Holter, a 6-foot-2, 295-pounder that is a guard or center prospect.

"Marty Fine must have recruited at least 30 of my players in his day," said Notre Dame head coach Jeff Bevino.

Syracuse, Boston College, Rutgers, Uconn, Cincinnati and ISU are the top schools being listed with Holter, who has yet to receive a Division I scholarship offer. But his high school coach has no doubt that he can play at the next level.

"I used to be the head coach at Milford Academy (Conn.) and was there for 10 years," Bevino said. "I had 300 kids sign with Division I colleges during that tenure. Matt is definitely one of those kids that can play. It's just a matter of somebody pulling the trigger on him and saying ‘this is our guy.' He's got a bunch of people looking at him, but nobody has pulled the trigger yet. He's one of those kids that they want to see some senior film on before they pull the trigger."

With a host of schools from the East Coast, along with ISU recruiting him, one might wonder how tough it would be to pry Holter away to the Midwest. Not very, said Bevino.

"He wants to go to the school that loves him the most and shows the most interest," he said. "The bottom line is a lot of these kids choose schools that they read about the most, then they get there and realize these people didn't want them as bad as somebody else. Everybody looks at kids and sees different things. Each team's needs are specific."

Bevino appears to be in the mold of current Cyclone offensive guard Bob Montgomery, in that he isn't as tall as some would like but replaces that with work ethic and exceptional strength.

"Matt is a little under-sized as far as height goes and major college is concerned, but his heart is not under-sized," Bevino said. "He's very strong and is benching in the 400s and squatting in the high 600s. He's a kid who works hard and moves very well for a kid his size. He looks like a real thick kid, but moves and uses his hands well. He's one of those kids that never stops. If you tell him to run two miles, he's going to run three and a half."

Holter is playing tackle for Bevino's Notre Dame squad, which runs a Wing-T offense and requires the best offensive linemen to work in space.

However, Bevino believes that his standout offensive linemen will move inside during college.

"I see him as a center," Bevino said. "He already long snaps for us. But in our offense we need him at tackle, because we run a little bit of the Wing-T stuff where I've got to pull and get him into the hole. Our center is more of a block-back person. I'm going to put my best offensive lineman where we need him the most."

Work ethic is something that is turning D-I programs onto Holter, his coach said.

"He was a pretty good player last year as a junior," Bevino said. "It's nice to have a junior tackle that size that plays that hard. He is more of a leader this year. He was named captain and led all winter in the weight room and in the spring and summer. He's not a rah-rah type of guy, but he leads by example. He works hard every day and doesn't say much. He's a quiet kid. He's one of those big kids that works hard and brings his lunch pail to work every day."

Notre Dame finished one game shy of the playoffs last season at 7-3. The team also returns top-100 quarterback Zevin Bowen, who is drawing interest from Purdue, Iowa, Central Florida, Miami, Notre Dame, Rutgers and Boston College.

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