Iowa State vs. Kansas Quotebook

A complete transciption of the Iowa State-Kansas postgame press conference, with quotes from Dan McCarney, Terry Allen and select Cyclone players.

Dan McCarney:

General comments:

"Obviously I'm very pleased with the win. We had a real gut-wrenching loss last Saturday night and you never know how a team will respond. But I thought it was very workman-like. It wasn't anything fancy. We went into this game not really knowing what Kansas would do, feature or who their best players might be. They had a lot of new faces. Mike Mangino is doing a real good job. They're coaching their kids and putting them in the right places."

"Our guys I thought executed well overall. We were a little shaky and weren't real crisp early. We really got on them in the fourth quarter. That's two games in a row we've won the fourth quarter and we'll continue to build on that. I sell that to our kids, whether it's conditioning, focus or wanting to make sure they finish the game strong."

"It was a really good effort from our defense. I don't care, a Big 12 game when you hold somebody to three points and that's it for the day, obviously that's a real good defense. We'll build on that."

"But it was not a great, unbelievable defense overall. It was a very solid win overall. We've got some mistakes to correct and we'll get into the film room and look to correct those."

"I would have taken a one-point win in a lot of years past, with what we've been through in this program. I'm not taking anybody for granted and I'm not selling my kids or staff short. I'm proud of what we did, but we've got a couple things to work on."

On his fear of a letdown versus Kansas:

"We were concerned about it and I addressed it in the locker room on Saturday night after the game and then again on Monday the next time I got to see my kids. I said I'm not going to let it happen. I told them that we'd be in trouble if we started slow. I don't think we did that. We made a few mistakes early, but I want to credit Kansas. It was 10-0, but I never felt like it was out of control. I felt like we were in control then and at halftime when we were up 17-0."

On defensive effort:

"It was real good defense overall. We're not the steel curtain yet, but we did get three turnovers. We want to get two or more every game, so we're back on track there. We only had the one on offense, so that part was good."

"We got to play a lot of kids, especially defensively. So you build depth in games like that when there are a lot of kids out there in the fourth quarter."

On third-string tailback Brian Thompson:

"You saw in Brian Thompson what we see in practice everyday. He always makes plays and is a real fine player. That's about as good a third-team running back as you'll find. He's still a number three, but we've got to get him more playing time as the season goes on. He has tremendous running skills and has to improve his blocking."

On kicking game outlook:

"There were a lot of things that I was pleased with. But we missed two field goals and they weren't near-misses but bad kicks. A miss is a miss, but if you miss it badly and the hold and snap was fine, you have to have better concentration and focus. If we didn't have the ability at that position, I could dismiss it. But we have the ability and have to do a better job."

"We've got to get it corrected and we'll challenge our kids. There are no draft picks out there. I'm not going to go on campus and start looking for new walk-ons. The guys on this football team have got to get the job done and be more consistent."

On play of all three tailbacks:

"I thought they all did a good job. There were times when Kansas beat us on some things up front. If there is no daylight and they jam it up or we got beat up front, it's sometimes hard to evaluate your running backs. But they all did a good job. We have three Big 12 running backs here that we can win with. We will break the film down and look at it to see if there are any changes as far as ones, twos and threes."

On awarding associate head coach Terry Allen:

"I gave him a game ball. There was never any rally cry, or win one for TA. It was not that at all. But I'm glad to have him in the program and on our staff. He's a real positive impact in this program. It's a great hire and relationship that he and I have. I wanted to do that for him. It was a lot of fun in the locker room."

On Seneca Wallace's execution on third down:

"That's a mark of a great quarterback. You've got to be at your best on third down. First and second down is moving the chains and is effective in field position, but third down is what it's all about and that's where the best quarterbacks rise up and make plays. We'll continue to build on that. We were 12-of-19 on third and fourth down last week and we had some pretty good conversions today."

On Hiawatha Rutland's performance:

"He's the biggest of the three backs. That doesn't always mean you're the most physical. He's a hard nose. You don't shine and come out and do as outstanding as he does on special teams unless you are physical. He has been that since he's been here, but now it's nice to see him go out there and do that as a running back."

"I like all three of them. They all can play and catch. Brian has to improve his blocking, but he might be the most elusive of the three as far as just a pure runner in the open field. He's got great feet. You saw a little bit of the Darren Davis I've been talking about since two-a-days."

On defensive pressure against Zach Dyer and Bill Whittemore:

"The best defense you can get you do without having to blitz a lot. We're not a max-blitz defense and if your front four and five can get steady consistent pressure then you've got a chance to play good defense. Jordan Carstens is just an outstanding player and we've got to continue to get more guys involved. That's not just pushing the pocket, that's beating somebody up front and getting the pressure and disrupt. Overall we got consistent pressure today."

On status of Joe Woodley, who left game with an injury:

"He got a slight concussion and was obviously done for the day. It was one of the best hits of the day on a kickoff. Hopefully he'll be OK. He didn't have headaches, but anytime you're having trouble from a memory standpoint we're not going to take any chances whatsoever."

Terry Allen on receiving game ball:

"I got a game ball and it's been a long time since I've gotten a game ball. I don't usually carry football around, but this one is pretty special and signifies so much to me. This one will go on the mantle at home. I've got to thank Coach Mac for giving me this opportunity and those players. It was pretty special at the end of the game how they've responded. I'm very happy to be here."

Lane Danielsen on team's outlook going in:

"I don't feel that we did anything great or had a great game, but we did what we had to do. I wouldn't say it was a hangover. We were anxious to get out there and get a victory."

Nick Leaders on defensive front's ability to get pressure:

"That was the key. Our defensive line is basically going for laydowns. We were trying to get to the quarterback as much as possible. We weren't worried about batting down balls, but knocking the quarterback down."

JaMaine Billups on decision to give Allen game ball:

"I knew it meant a lot to him. Last year when he was there, the season was real shaky and everything. Now he has come over to us and is having a good time. We've shown him what we have over here and laughed a little. I know he's feeling good about the move."

Hiawatha Rutland on his approach Saturday:

"It was just taking what they were giving me. I don't consider myself a game-breaker, but I've got to game-breaking abilities. I just made the plays that were there to be made. I play like I'm a starter whether I'm in first or second. That's the coaches decision. I've got other things to worry about."

Matt Word on Cyclone defense:

"I know we're going to be one of the best defenses in the Big 12. We set a real good foundation today and corrected a lot of mistakes from last week. We're going to be a force to reckon with week in and week out. We've got a new mentality and are going to go out and hit people. The speed, talent and togetherness, we're hungry right now. It's a family out there."

Seneca Wallace on offense's slow start:

"It was alright. We started off slow again, but we came out with a good second half. I have to do better. I came out a little lackadaisical and picked it up the second half. We started slow and made some mistakes. We need to cut down on those."

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