Dan McCarney Teleconference Highlights

Here are some comments of note made by Coach Dan McCarney on the Big 12 Teleconference Monday morning.

"We had about 15 players that got their first playing time, which you're building depth and developing depth when you get kids on the field for the time. All of those guys that hit the field the other night, there wasn't any panic behind the decisions. We had talked about it in meetings during the week and planned on playing those guys if the opportunity arose. It will help us in the long season that we have ahead of us."

"Tennessee Tech is a very fine I-AA program. They've been in the top 25 of I-AA the last two seasons. We're already early in the season and you see a I-AA team in Villanova beat a I-A team in Rutgers 37-16. Rutgers was favored by 28 points. We won't have any trouble getting the attention of our players. I want to make sure that our football team improves again on Monday through Friday so that we can show it on Saturday night. We're opening under our new permanent lights at Jack Trice Stadium and looking forward to a night game."

"We had an opportunity to play another game and had contacted some different Division I-AA schools. It worked out in Tennessee Tech's schedule to come up here and play. We're very pleased that we get this opportunity to play another home game. It takes us to seven home games and we're looking forward to it."

"(Northern Iowa and Tennessee Tech) are probably pretty similar. We're watching Tennessee Tech's tape against Bowling Green. They have just played one game and made a lot of mistakes early in that game. Bowling Green finished 8-3 and had some great victories a year ago. They're really a fine football team with good talent and personnel. But they jumped on them, blocked a couple punts and got some early fumbles and ran away with it early. Tennessee Tech came back and rallied in the second half. I think they put up 262 yards and held Bowling Green to just 57. But the score was 41-0 at half."
"They're very similar. I have seen a lot of good athletes. It looks like they've got good team speed. Mike Hannigan has been there seven seasons and has a real good nucleus. They'll be a real challenge. Not for one second will we take one thing for granted around here."

"Hiawatha will definitely start at running back. He had his first career 100-yard rushing game. He was just under 100 yards against Florida State. He is our number one tailback and Mike Wagner will play. Hopefully Brian Thompson will play. They all did well in the game against Kansas and I was proud of them."

"With the kickers it's an ongoing thing. I'm proud that Adam Benike is 11-for-12 on all of his kicks, field goals and PATs. He missed one field goal the other day. He has been the most consistent and Tony (Yelk) still has the strongest leg from further out. They'll both be involved each week as you watch this team throughout the season."

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