CN Welcomes CISteve On Board

If you've been around CN much, you've heard I'd be posting over here - well, here I am!

It's long been a dream of mine to publish a glossy magazine rather than a tabloid as we've done at CI for the past 11 years. I'm not going to be doing that, but Deacer and Bill and all the fine folks at CN and TheInsiders have picked up the gauntlet and have moved forward with that project.

In fact, the first issue is done and is already in the distribution channels, so you should be seeing it soon if you have already subscribed, or are a current or expired CI subscriber. CN has agreed to provide CI subscribers with a complimentary substitute subscription to the new Cyclone Nation magazine through the remainder of their current CI subscription term (monthly, ten issues a year). Even if your subscription is expired, a complimentary copy of the first issue is being sent to give readers a chance to see first hand this exciting new product.

This opportunity to see my dream fulfilled and at the same time move on to other endeavors has given me the chance to step aside and let others provide you with top-notch coverage of Cyclone athletics. Quite honestly, it's been an extreme challenge to keep the CI product financially viable during over a period of years when the Cyclones didn't have the greatest of success on the gridiron.

But times have changed and the Cyclones are on a roll, so I believe that Cyclone Nation will be a great success. The multi-media approach which Deacer and Bill will be using for coverage - print, internet, radio - should meet the challenges of today's highly competitive media markets.

I strongly urge you to subscribe to the new Cyclone Nation. Remember, if you are a current or expired CI subscriber, you will be receiving the first issue shortly and will soon be receiving a solicitation if your subscription to CI is due. If you haven't been a CI subscriber, now's the time to jump on board and subscribe to Cyclone Nation. I'm sure you will agree after you see the product that's it's well worth the price.

And don't forget Cyclone Nation's Premium internet service. As you've already seen, the CN guys are providing you with all the late breaking news that happens on a day to day basis in Iowa State athletics. For the ultimate in Iowa State sports coverage, you can read the great features in Cyclone Nation the magazine, get all the latest on Premium CN, and still have access to all the free stories that are posted here.

I've been following and covering Iowa State athletics for a long time and it's been difficult for me to step aside. There have been so many friends made - in person, on the phone, and on the web - through this association. Emotions and fears of leaving someone's name off a list of thank you's to those whose assistance has been invaluable, prohibits me from doing so here. But believe me, I know who you are and you are in my thoughts.

I'd also like to particularly thank the people at AllianceSports/ and As most of you know, when the old Rivals went out of business at a time of great financial uncertainty in the internet business, the two new groups stepped in to continue the great mega sports-site tradition that the old Rivals had begun. Both groups have been extremely cooperative and understanding as I've phased myself out of the day to day coverage of Cyclone athletics.

Even though I'm not involved in publishing Cyclone sports news anymore, one can't just leave it completely. I first got into the business as a result of my passion for Iowa State University and its athletic programs. My number one goal was, and still is, to promote ISU. Hopefully I can still help in a little way to do that and that's why I'll be posting.

Now, about that big time recruit who's about to commit ...... whoops ... (hard to teach an old dog new tricks).

Later, dudes - I've got to go find a job.

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