CN Exclusive: More Big 12 Tournament Audio

Not all of us have the means and vacaton time available to follow our favorite team down to Oklahoma City for the Big 12 Tournament. However, that doesn't mean you have to totally miss out on the goings on. Click here to hear from your fellow Cyclone fans that made the trek south for the big event.

The Iowa State-Nebraska women's game was one for the ages. Hopefully the ISU-Oklahoma will be one, too.

Whether it is or isn't, however, isn't as important. The fan experience already is. For the first time in my life I've attended a Big 12 Championship. The press conferences are impressive. The media feed is impressive. The support services for the media is impressive. As I said, I'm easily impressed.

What's really impressive, however, is the games are only a fraction of what takes place at these events. Don't get me wrong, for the coaches and players the game isn't everything, it's the only thing. Enjoying the nightlife, the pep rallies, and the riverwalk isn't
important. Being prepared to compete and leave it all out there is what counts. For the coaches and the players.

For the fans the games are just treats to go with the meal. Before I continue let me say how impressed I am with downtown Oklahoma City. WOW!!! It's just a really cool environment. From a major downtown theater to the classy night spots to the amazing riverwalk it's just a really nice place to enjoy yourself. And the fans I encountered really were enjoying themselves.

One fan broke down the final plays of the women's game with the kind of expertise you often don't find in the announcers both. He was, yes, impressive. Others could care less about women's basketball but they love the men. And others still couldn't care about ISU sports, they just enjoy the festivities. Regardless it's about the journey,
not the destination.

I spent Wednesday evening into Thursday morning at Tapwerks, the Big 12 Cyclone headquarters. It's a really nice place. Personally I'd have rather had Toby Keith's but that's just because I listen to his music all the time. I don't think the Clones could have found a better establishment in Oklahoma City.

The following are interviews conducted with ISU fans at Tapwerks throughout the evening. Some are more insightful than others but it was a good time and a glimpse into the fan experience that keeps so many coming back again, and again, and again.

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