Meet Joe Blaes

It's no secret there's the potential for a lot of immediate playing time along Iowa State's often maligned offensive line. That's one of the reasons this second team JUCO All-American landed in Ames as part of the class of 2007.

Joe Blaes was a second team JUCO All-American offensive lineman last season at Coffeyville (Kansas).  He's already in school at Iowa State and expected to challenge heavily for playing time once spring practice begins on March 21st.

CN: What made you decide to come to Iowa State?

Blaes: I really like the coaches.  I like the school, great facilities. I just really like the program. 

CN: What do you hope to accomplish in your first year?

Blaes: I'd like to come in and play, you know? That's number one on my list.  And I want to win some games, mostly. 

CN: How do you feel playing in front of some very talented young men . . . Bret Meyer, Todd Blythe?  These are some special athletes.  How do you feel about getting to play in front of them?

Blaes: It's a great opportunity.  I mean, I've watched these guys on television and it's going to be great to be able to play with these really good players.

CN: There are four of you offensive line recruits who are already here in school.  You're going to be competing against each other soon for playing time this spring.  How have the four of you bonded?  What is it like after you get done with practice, just hanging out with them?

Blaes: Since the four of us came in, the JUCO guys, we've all bonded.  Since we've all kind of been through the same thing, we've really bonded with each other.  We're pretty close.

CN: What excites you most about becoming a Cyclone?

Blaes: The great atmosphere and the games and winning.

CN: What's your major?

Blaes: Animal Ecology.

CN: This is a good school for that.

Blaes: Yeah, a really very good school.  And that was a big part of my decision, too.  Made sure that my major was at the school that I was wanting to go to.

CN: What other schools were you considering during the recruiting process?

Blaes: Georgia, Baylor, and Ole Miss.

CN: What are you working on individually to prepare for Division I football?

Blaes: Right now I'm working hard in the classroom and on the field.

CN: So in terms of the future, what do you ultimately hope to accomplish while you're at Iowa State?

Blaes: I plan to play right away and then I plan to graduate.  Those are my main goals.

CN: How does your family feel about your coming here?

Blaes: They're really excited about me coming to play in the Big 12.  That's what I grew up watching.  They're real excited.

CN: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Blaes: Hunting and fishing.

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