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"Whoever I play, I'm confident they're going to get the job done."
Alford enjoying life back in Iowa
Des Moines Register

"He's not starting for us, but his teammates have so much respect for him that they made him a captain. That speaks volumes about what people think about Chris Whitaker. He's been through so much, but he continues to fight and battle. He typifies the type of person we want on our team, the type of courage and desire we want our players to have."
Cyclones getting big contribution from Whitaker
Quad City Times

Jack Trice debuts new look on Saturday
Cedar Rapids Gazette

Cyclone players enjoy taking on 13-game schedule
Cedar Rapids Gazette

"I like playing 13 games. I think it gives us more opportunity to be seen. When I was coming through high school, I had no clue about Iowa State. Getting the program out to those kids in the country, letting them know about Cyclone football, helping out the recruiting, 13 games is great."
ISU's energy won't be zapped by marathon slate
Omaha World Herald

"We may have the whole team gather around them yelling and throwing dead grass at him. We were seven out of eight in the red zone the other day. That missed field goal could cost us a major bowl bid at the end of the season if we don't start making those."
Field-goal kicking game off to rocky start
Iowa State Daily

"This past weekend was huge for us. Those wins will hopefully set the tone for the whole season. We worked hard in the preseason and to get those wins on the road is good for our confidence."
Unbeaten soccer team heads to UNI
Iowa State Daily

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