Iowa State vs. Tennessee Tech Quotebook

Dan McCarney:

Overall comments:

"It was a good win overall. I was proud of the kids. We played a lot of people. We took care of business and got some big plays. We challenged our kids to make some big plays and big plays in the kicking game, which we did. We returned a punt for a touchdown, forced a fumble on a kickoff and went 10-for-10 on all of our kicks. We'll take that any time out."

"We did a pretty good job of controlling the line of scrimmage. With the exception of the last couple series of the first half, I was pretty pleased with the game overall."

"We challenged them at halftime not to just go out there and ease into the finish of the game and it was a 21-0 game in the second half playing many reserves. Lots of twos and many threes got on the field. I was pleased with that overall."

"We've got to step up our preparation, intensity and focus now going into the Iowa State-Iowa game this week."

On Brandon Brown's injury:

"He pulled a groin. It's a muscle fortunately and not a serious knee or ankle. He was pretty sore. Anytime you stretch a groin like that, it's going to be sore. Hopefully it will be just a couple of days, so we don't think it's serious. We hope he'll back practicing and ready to go."

on true freshmen Nick Leaders and Jimmy Morris:

"I looked out there a whole bunch of that game and you've got Leaders playing nose guard and Morris playing linebacker. Those are two true freshmen out there, so it was a real valuable experience for both of them. I thought they did a solid job. Leaders has played a lot more football in the first three games than Jimmy Morris has, but if we didn't think he had a chance to help us and he wasn't ready to help us as a freshman we wouldn't put him out there."

on where team is at after three games:

"We'd like to be 3-0 right now, but I feel like we've made a lot of improvement and some good strides. We played like we practiced this week and had excellent practices. I was hoping that would carry over to the game and first half and it did. We've played a lot of players in these first three games and hopefully that's going to help us as we go through the next 10 games of the season."

on scheduling a I-AA team in the future:

"When you start getting into long seasons like 12-game seasons and those kinds of things, I would definitely be in favor of doing it again. But it would not be more than one. I think there are teams in our league right now that are playing more than one. I would be in favor of doing it again in the future. Coach Hennigan's team is well coached. I think they've got a chance to win some games in I-AA this year."

on final score of game:

"We had a lot to do with that score. It wasn't those guys being inept, I just think we played real good in that first half and made some big plays."

on Wallace coming back out for two series in second half:

"He's surely not a perfect quarterback. He needs the work. We went on the field a lot of times in the first half and there were not a lot of long drives. A lot of the scoring in the first half did not have to do with our offense. We scored on defense, in the kicking game, had some big plays out there and there were some short drives. That was good work for him, then Love and Ochs got some time too."

on Iowa:

"They're just an outstanding football team. I watched most of that game on television this week. We have broken down the Akron game. That was a complete mismatch from the first snap of the game on. They're an outstanding football team and are more physical than they've been in the past. The wide receivers were very impressive in that game today and Banks was playing much better than he did anytime I saw him play last year. It's going to be an excellent football game."

on field-goal kicking:

"We're real happy with that. There is not a night we leave (the practice field) and we're not kicking field goals. I'm not about to give up on those two guys, but I'm not about to back off my expectations for them either. It's nice to see them come through 10-for-10 tonight and 3-for-3 on field goals. Hopefully that's the way it can go on the rest of this year."

on status of Joe Woodley and concussion:

"He should be fine and could have played tonight. The doctors cleared him but I didn't want to take any chances. I knew that we could be O.K. at fullback in this game without Joe Woodley. He was cleared to play and it was my decision to hold him. He'll be ready to go and will practice on Monday."

on playing first game under permanent lights:

"It was beautiful and a great atmosphere. I loved the turnout. We had a lot of great fans here and played good football. We're 2-0 at home and it's a good start to try to protect our house this year. We've got seven opportunities. We appreciate the support we have gotten from our fans."

Jordan Carstens on team's effort Saturday:

"I thought we made a solid effort, but there were some things that we could have done better. I thought we just played solid. It's always good when you can score on defense and special teams. It takes pressure off of the offense and adds to their scoring."

Jamaul Montgomery on catching two touchdowns in second half:

"I didn't have a very good first half, so I was upset with myself. My main focus was to come out and make some plays in the second half."

Tony Yelk on field-goal kicking and special teams play overall:

"Anytime you go out there, perform and do what you're asked to do, it's always a relief and good feeling. I felt confident coming into it, but the bottom line was that I was still 0-for-2 from long range. It was nice to knock one through today."

"It was a really good night on special teams. The coaches really take pride in it and stress it. The players really do, too. We were real fortunate to capitalize in a lot of areas tonight. For the most part we were clicking on all cylinders. It was good to see T-Miller make that return and it was the same thing with all of the other units. The kickoff coverage was outstanding tonight."

Hiawatha Rutland on offensive gameplan and status of his hair:

"We wanted to grind out some yards and get some of the younger guys some game action. I think we were pretty successful doing that."

"So far (the hair) has worked for me. It would be kind of hard to cut it off. Ever since I've had it, I have gotten 100 yards each game."

"(My hair style) is decent, but it's not the best. It's up there. Jimmy Morris has the best hair. He's my stylist, he's the one who cuts my hair. So he has the best hair."

Seneca Wallace on his coming back out for two second-half series:

"We wanted to make sure that when we came out in the second half, that we came off the field confident and had things polished up going into next week."

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