Alvin Bowen Q&A: Spring Practice #3

Here's what the nation's leading returning tackler had to say after Saturday's session.

CN: How have the three guys that were there at National Signing Day – Alex Alvarez, Doug Dedrick, and Joe Blaes – integrated into the team and what are you looking for in terms of the guys coming in?

Bowen: Well, as far as the three guys that integrated into the team, for the most part I believe they're buying into the system as well as everybody else that was already here before they got here . . .

CN: Coach Sheppard, Coach Chizik, they've put a lot of guys into the pros. You're a guy who obviously has Sunday potential. How excited are you playing for these individuals?

Bowen: Well, as far as the Sunday potential, I'm just going to take it one step at a time. Right now I'm looking forward to competing for the Big 12 North and hopefully competing for the Big 12 Championship. It fires me up to know their background, but that's my mind goal is Big 12 North and then Big 12 Championship.

CN: Coach Chizik says there are no starters and no leaders. Respond to that.

Bowen: Everybody's a leader. . . even if you're not a starter, you're a leader. Everybody has their own type of position on the team. As teams are developed, that's how it always is. There's leaders that play, there's leaders that don't play.

CN: How do you feel the defense is coming along under Coach Bolt so far?

Bowen: So far as Coach Bolt . . . I'll say quick to the ball, quick to the ball.

CN: Bret Meyer mentioned getting up at 4:30 in the morning under Coach Sheppard was an immediate eye-opener. Talk about the strength and conditioning process that occurred before spring ball.

Bowen: It was a funny one . . . it was an experience that I liked, I liked a lot. It got a lot out of us and, like I was telling people before, they made the situations now harder, so when the game-time situations come around, it's like second nature to us.

CN: It's obvious in talking to Coach Chizik, Coach Bolt, Coach McFarland, Coach Sheppard, they came in to win now. They didn't come in to rebuild. How exciting is that, and what are you expecting for next year?

Bowen: I'm expecting big things. I'm expecting big things and it's very exciting . . . to do this my senior year, and I'm expecting a lot.


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