Bret Culbertson Q&A: Spring Practice #3

Read what ISU's leading-returning scorer had to say after Saturday's session.

Name: Bret Culbertson

CN: Coach Chizik has set some high standards right from the beginning. Talk about what it's like playing for him.

BC: You know, Chizik's, he's a great guy, you know, I love him and he's got a great personality and a great coaching mentality, and he pushes us every day and that's great. I like the pace we're going at right now; it's game day pace.

CN: Now what was the pre-spring ball regimen like?

BC: It was tough stuff, you know, 5:30 a.m. workouts. Coach Shep kicked our butt every time, but it's worth it. It's paying off right now as we get onto the field, you know, got a chance for everything we did then, to put it on the field.

CN: Now, I had a chance to talk to Coach Sheppard. He is very intense. Talk about that intensity. Talk about what it's like playing for guys who have the hardware to go along with the rhetoric.

BC: They know exactly what they're doing, and all these guys on the team who are still here right now, we want to play football. We enjoy it, and we want to play it for these guys.

CN: No leaders so far; no starters so far. Everybody's competing for everything. Talk about that.

BC: Yeah, pretty much everybody's competing for anything . . . no matter who goes with the ones, you know, the guys in the one's are acting like we're behind, we're in the two spot and we've got to get ahead.

CN: Does that make the guys come out there even more focused . . . I mean, what's the difference between where this team is this year in terms of spring ball and where it was last year?

BC: Um, you know, we're making strides. Coaching staffs are different, but it's not always fair to compare. They're all great guys, but Coach Chizik's staff knows what they're doing . . .

CN: What are you looking to accomplish this year? It's obvious that these guys haven't come in here to rebuild; they've come in here to compete every week and to win. What are you looking for next season?

BC: Next season, I'm looking to be better than the last, than the last three . . . always trying to make strides.

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