Bret Meyer Q&A

Every position is up for grabs with a new coaching staff, even for Bret Meyer, who has been ISU's starting quarterack the past three seasons. Read on to find out what he thinks about that and other things.

Q: Bret, just describe how things have been going the first few practices, how the players are adjusting to the new coaching staff.

Meyer: Things are going good. Obviously the first couple practices are always going to be the most . . . you know, everybody's going to be excited to get started, but for us the big thing is just maintaining it through . . . I think it's 12 practices that we have left.

Q: Has it been a lot of excitement for you guys coming up, to see how you're going to work with the new staff and see how things are going to go in practice this time?

Meyer: Yeah, I think anytime you have change everybody wants to see . . . you know, we're excited to see what our first lift was going to be like, what the practice was going to be like, and you know now that we've kind of got the hang of it, I think we'll just hit the ground running and keep going.

Q: Bret, what do you see from Austen the first three days of spring? I know that you guys have been close in the past few years; what do you see from him as a young quarterback?

Meyer: He's doing good. I mean, I'm kind of at the same juncture he is as far as knowing the offense, but he's doing good, he's running, he's going with the white and gold teams . . . but, yeah, he's doing a good job.

Q: Is it tough as a senior, to all of a sudden change everything, you know, the entire offense you've been used to running and all of a sudden to have something completely different?

Meyer: The tough part was when I first learned . . . trying to get the old stuff out of your head, because a lot of the concepts are similar and the hardest part was just trying to forget everything that you did before, and now that I'm kind of getting into running our stuff, it's a little bit easier to do that.

Q: Coach Sheppard talked about teaching speed, explosiveness, quickness. Five weeks in, do you feel stronger, faster? How are you feeling after the conditioning program?

Meyer: I know I'm definitely in shape, that's one thing. But, I put on a little weight, and I do feel pretty good about where I am physically.

Q: After last year, do you find yourself having a little more added interest in the offensive line, how they're progressing over there? Do you take a peek over there every once in a while?

Meyer: No, not any more than I used to do. Their coach, they can take care of their business, and when we're together as an offense, then I'll do my job and they'll do theirs.

Q: Monday night Coach Chizik said in a press conference that every position is open, and he doesn't believe in anyone inheriting a position. As a veteran yourself, did you kind of expect that from him and how did you respond when he pointed that out?

Meyer: I wasn't surprised by it, I mean, anytime a new staff comes in, you know, regardless of how good you've been, you should have to earn it. That's fine with me, you know, competing for the job just keeps you on your toes every day . . . I really wasn't surprised by it.

Q: How would you describe Coach Chizik? What's he like in practice?

Meyer: He's pretty . . . like all the coaches, he's pretty . . . Coach Chizik's no . . . he's just pretty intense in practice, he likes to get involved in things. He's just a coach, you know, I guess he's got that blood in him like all coaches do.

Q: Has the pace been really different?

Meyer: Uh . . . not really, maybe a little bit faster, I guess, in between things, and in between periods but . . . not really. I mean, anybody at this level, no matter who the coach is you're going to practice at a fast pace.

Q: They brought in three new linemen, JUCO linemen. How have they worked out so far?

Meyer: You know, as far as I can see, they're doing a good job. I'm kind of focused on what I have to do, learning everything, so I'm not able to critique them at all. But so far, so good. We've had one day in pads and that's not a lot of time to evaluate how well you're protected and things like that but as far as I know they're doing a good job.

Q: Sage Rosenfels, NFL, Seneca Wallace, NFL . . . I know that you first have to focus on this season, but is playing on Sundays in the back of your mind, and what are some of the things you need to do in this program to prepare in general to make it to that level like the last few signal-callers for Iowa State?

Meyer: Just physically, put on a little bit of weight, and just go out and have a good year. I'm not going to try to, you know, compare myself to other guys that are trying to get there from other teams. Just go out there and do what I can do, because if you don't take care of business here, they'd have no interest in you.

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