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"All of a sudden, there was a tremendous exhilarating feeling that now we not only got the ball back, but we got it back with a first down and new life. From that point, we were pretty methodical. We moved the ball."
Remembering ‘the play'
Des Moines Register

"We have not made contact with Mr. Eilers yet. But we believe there is probable cause to support the charge of possession of a controlled substance."
Arrest warrant filed for ex-Cyclone linebacker
Des Moines Register

"I haven't seen any drop-off whatsoever. Their running backs can play. It's obvious Kirk (Ferentz) and his staff have recruited well. Whoever is on the field is going to be tough to stop."
Hawkeye backfield has been strong even without Greving
Ames Tribune

"Who knows? Obviously, if you look at the history of games in recent years, everybody thought there would be high-scoring games. They really haven't been. They've been dominated more by the defense."
Defenses have played well in recent matchups
Waterloo Courier

"People can say that all they want, but that's not the case. It's a big week for us. They've won enough in a row. It's time for us to turn it around."
Iowa: It's time for new streak to start
Quad City Times

For in state players, this is not just another game
Cedar Rapids Gazette

"I'm expecting to win. We've been the underdogs my whole time here going into this game. But we're a good team. So we should be favored."
Iowa favored by four despite four-game losing streak
Omaha World Herald

"It's an in-state rivalry and every year that we beat them, that rivalry means more and more. Last year it was our biggest game. We feel like for in-state recruiting and just a big rivalry, we mark it down as our biggest game."
Is ISU-Iowa still biggest game in Ames?
Iowa City Press-Citizen

"McCarney got me really excited and I was really excited to turn the program around here at Iowa State. I was aware that I was kind of going against the grain. It has to start somewhere when you're trying to turn a program around."
Marsau's commitment to Cyclones helped start trend
Iowa State Daily

"It was kind of scary because we were just there. It made us think twice about things."
Cyclone athletes reflect on events of September 11
Iowa State Daily

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