Cyclone Nation Stories Are Now FREE

We're very proud of the product we're producing here at Cyclone Nation. So much so that we're putting our money where our mouth is. That's why this summer we're going to make all of the original stories we generate free. That's right..I just said free.

Here at Cyclone Nation, we believe so much in our product that starting today through July 1st, all stories originally generated by Cyclone Nation will be offered as free content. 

If you've never subscribed to Cyclone Nation before, or did previously but allowed your subscription to lapse, we want to take some time this summer to win you over.  You just missed out on the most thorough spring practice coverage of a college football team I have ever seen, and you know how much I follow college football. 

We're going to apply that same effort into everything else we do, and we don't want you to miss any of it.  That's why we're going to let you view our product, with the exception of the premium message board, for free this summer. 

Basketball recruiting coverage -- free.  Football padded camp coverage -- free.  Football recruiting coverage -- free.  Offseason news and notes -- free.  Every original story we generate will be free from now until July 1st.

We plan on making this the greatest outlet for Cyclone information ever, and we're investing even more resources to do that.  That's why we're going to let you see for yourself this summer before deciding where to invest your hard-earned dollars this fall. 

Cyclone Nation is about one thing and one thing only -- the Cyclones.  We're for the Cyclones, about the Cyclones, and only the Cyclones.  We're not about personal attacks on others, we're not about spreading false rumors, we're not about obsessing over the Hawkeyes, we're not about cannibalizing our own, and we're not about tearing down Jamie Pollard's bold vision with whiny nitpicking.  We're about promoting an athletic department on the move, plain and simple.  That's why we're making it free this summer.  You won't have to take our word for it, you can see for yourself.

So please spread the word...Cyclone Nation's original stories are free this summer.  This summer, we hope everyone checks us out.  Why not?  It's free!

God bless and Go Cyclones!

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