Iowa-Iowa State Quotebook

Read what Coach Dan McCarney and several players had to say in the locker room after posting their fifth straight win over Iowa.

Iowa State Coach Dan McCarney on Iowa dominating Iowa State in the first half:

"We got taken behind the woodshed in that first half. It was sickening to watch. We looked like a scout team. I was really upset. That's a credit to Iowa, they dominated us."

McCarney on his team's ability to comeback from a 24-7 deficit:

"It was the same resolve and character we showed in the Florida State game. Being down like that and coming back to win is special.

McCarney on Seneca Wallace's performance:

"Thank God he's with Iowa State because we couldn't have come back without him."

McCarney on being jubilantly carried off the field by his team after the game:

"I think that's the first time it's happened in my career. It's a hell of a view from up there."

Iowa State Athletic Director Bruce Van De Velde on Iowa State's fifth straight win over Iowa:

"The character of our team really showed. Without a doubt this is a Cyclone state. Without a doubt."

Iowa State quarterback Seneca Wallace on coming back against Iowa:

"We knew we were capable of coming back. A lot of the guys from Iowa were really emotional at halftime."

Iowa State center Zach Butler on coming back home to Iowa City and finishing his career undefeated at Kinnick Stadium:

"We pulled together as a family and came back for the greatest victory I have ever experienced. There was no greater feeling than walking out on the field as a captain here where my dad played. It was a special feeling. Afterwards, he was the first guy I hugged. After that I just lost it."

Iowa State defensive tackle Jordan Carstens on the mood in the locker room at halftime:

"It was tense. Coach Mac was pretty fired up. I couldn't look those guys in the eye with the way the defense was playing."

Iowa State wide receiver Jack Whitver on the Cyclones moving on after the big win over Iowa:

"We've just begun. But I'll never forget what that locker room was like afterwards. You could tell it was Iowa week because Coach Mac was just a little bit more fired up."

Iowa State running back Hiawatha Rutland on the comments of Iowa linebacker Fred Barr, who during the week said he "hated" the Cyclones:

"I call him XFL because He Hate Me."

Iowa defensive lineman Collin Cole on finishing his career without a win over Iowa State:

"It's very frustrating. I'm not going to make excuses. We made mistakes but they just beat us. At the half we were all on top of the world. I give it up to Seneca Wallace. He's a great athlete."


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