Dan McCarney Teleconference Highlights

Iowa State's Dan McCarney spoke on a Big 12 coaches teleconference Monday morning and reflected back on his team's victory over Iowa, while looking forward to Saturday's Troy State game.

"We're very excited about our victory on Saturday and I'm very proud of my staff and players. I know how tough playing in Kinnick Stadium and Iowa City. That's not only just going over there and playing, but being down 24-7 as we were at half and come back to win the game."

"We beat a real fine Iowa football team. It's very obvious that's the best team that Coach Ferentz has had since he's been there. They jumped all over us. I can assure you that the rope-a-dope is not a part of our plan and what we're trying to do here, although it looked like it in the Florida State game and on Saturday against Iowa."

"It's been since the 1800s and Grover Cleveland was president the last time Iowa State went to Iowa City and won three state over there. We're proud of it."

"The game's over and it's behind us. Now it's time to move on and we're looking forward to our matchup with Troy State. They're a very fine football team. We were watching them from a distance last year and knowing that they were doing some fine things. They went down to Mississippi State and beat them. It was halftime with a national champion Miami team last year and it was 17-7. It was 28-14 at Lincoln, Nebraska, a year ago."

"They went on to win seven games and 16 starters return. They out-gained Nebraska this year, 347 yards to 313. They're going to be a great challenge for us. We're looking forward to a three home games in a row starting Saturday with Troy State."

"It's so hard to say (how the Big 12 stands), because so many things are involved with the BCS. It's so early in the season. Inter-conference play, in-conference play, other conferences are something that you look at and evaluate. You evaluate how the conference race goes and the postseason play for all of the teams that are involved. It's a combination of all those things."

"Hopefully we're getting a little bit better and some teams are starting to feel that Iowa State has some things going in the right direction. The Big 12 is an outstanding conference. It's a long year with a lot of games. We've got nine more games on our schedule and feel like we've just begun our season."

"JaMaine has done a great job for us. We gave him one season a year ago as a backup to try and break in as Ennis Haywood's backup and he was unable to do that. He was a very valuable player, but was not the backup. We gave him bowl practices and spring practice to try and break into that two-deep, but Rutland and Wagner just kept the edge. It wasn't a lot of difference, but enough that he was going to be our number-three tailback."
"He has a physical presence, loves the game, has good speed and is coachable, so it was something that we needed to do. We talked about it at length over the summer and then approached JaMaine with it right before camp began. Fortunately he took to it like a duck takes to water. It was an easy transition. He wanted to play. He's got a major role on our defense right now and is very close to breaking into the starting lineup."

"It's real hard to tell (how the Big 12 North race will shape up). There's just a lot of quality and real fine teams. It's just so early. I'm not about to be misled by a couple of scores or things that have happened the last couple weeks. We know this Big 12 North is loaded and is an outstanding conference overall. When all the dust settles, it will be very representative in college football."
"We've really just begun. We've got four games under our belt, but with a season of 13 games ahead and nine more for us, it's just a long year with a lot of games and challenges out there. We're going to do all we can to be a factor."

"With what we have within our conference and always playing Iowa, which will always be an unbelievable challenge and great rivalry, we're going to always look for some teams that we think we've got a real good chance to beat if we play well, are prepared and coached well. It was an exception this year with Florida State, which is one of the best in the history of college football. It was an opportunity we couldn't turn down."

"I'm sure they're hoping that's what we'll be doing—keep thinking about Iowa and reliving that and talking about the Cy-Hawk Trophy and the highlights of last week or thinking ahead of Nebraska. We just can't let it happen. Troy State is a physical football team and is well coached. It takes about five minutes of watching tape to tell that they match up with us real well."

"I don't know that there's any one thing. The quality of the opponent has something to do with it. Florida State is ranked in the top five of the country. We made some mistakes, but Florida State had a lot to do with that in the first half of that game. Then Iowa came out and did some great things from an execution standpoint in that game."
"We were doing some things good early in the game, but from then on Iowa just dominated the line of scrimmage and went on to that 24-7 lead at halftime. We're not trying to do it this way. We want to get off to a great start and did against Kansas and Tennessee Tech, but the other two games that we've played, clearly the other team did a better job of executing in the first half."

"We're very proud of the opportunity that we're getting with this schedule this year. We've tried to embrace the schedule and the opportunity. There is nowhere to hide on this schedule. We've got challenges every week with a lot of great football teams and we're going to do all that we can to try and be as successful as we can and stay as healthy as we can. We have adjusted some things from a practice standpoint, knowing that we're only three games short of a full NFL regular season. So far the work ethic, morale and attitude has been fabulous with this team."

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