Iowa State-Troy State Postgame Quotebook

Postgame reaction from Iowa State's 42-12 victory over Troy State.

Dan McCarney's general comments:

"I'm very happy with the victory. It was 21-6 first half and 21-6 second half. It's easy to see why Troy State goes on the road and plays everybody tough. They've got a good football team and good players. It's the same thing we preach to our kids all week long and I think they listened and were ready to play. But Troy State has a fine football team and real good players."

"Special teams had a huge impact on the game tonight and that's nice to see. We thought we had a chance to go after it and planned that. We wanted to go after the first one and see if we could get it. It was a great job. JaMaine blocked it and Kohler got his first touchdown. Then Todd Miller along with that whole unit did a tremendous job. It takes a lot of people doing things right on one play to take a punt back the whole way like he did."

"We struggled running the ball, but we had to take advantage of the things that we thought we could do. It's the way they play sometimes and how many guys they play close to the line of scrimmage. They make it hard, plus they've got real good players in the front seven. When they do that, you've got to throw the ball. And we threw for almost 300 yards, three touchdowns and won a game by 30 points."

"We know as a football team we've got to play a lot better next Saturday. A much better football team will come into Ames. But we're looking forward to it. I think we've earned the right to play this game and hopefully it's going to be a game that everybody in the country will be keeping an eye on."

on neither team's offense making turnover:

"About the only thing that was real disappointing about our defense is that we didn't get any turnovers. The good news was that we didn't turn it over on offense, either, so it was a push on turnovers. But if we're going to win any games in the Big 12, you've got to get turnovers on defense. We've got to do a better job. But they only got 12 points. You play defense like that, you've got a chance to win games."

on return of Luke Vander Sanden, play of offensive line:

"First of all it's just great to have him back. He's one of our two best guards on the team and everybody knows that on our football team. It's just great to have him back. He just gives you a good feeling, knowing what he's been through and how patient he's been. Tom Gruenwald did a fabulous job on the surgery and he's back two weeks before we thought he could be. He's not only back two weeks, but is playing good football."

"In the meantime we developed depth. Dewayne Johnson and Collin Menard got a lot of playing time the last few weeks."

"Overall it was solid. We didn't give up many hits or sacks on Seneca. We've got a lot of room to improve in our run game. But when you see the kind of looks that they're going to give us, it's real hard to run the football. Then you've got to protect, throw and catch. That's what we were able to do."

on defense's play against a run-dominated Troy State team: "I thought it was very solid. We still had a few missed tackles and you don't want to see that. But it was nice to see them end up with only 118 yards, so it was a pretty good night against the rush. But we know we're going to see one of the better rush attacks in college football this week coming in. We all know it's been mismatch and never been a game since I've been here. We're going to do all that we can to try and make it a game and a four-quarter game. We haven't done that yet."

on play of wide receivers:

"Those guys have been together now going on two seasons. Anytime you have receivers out there that can make plays like we have, we have faith in them. That's a great bunch of kids."

on ISU's touchdown late in first half:

"It starts with the quarterback. If you're going to be a quick-strike offense and try to do it at the end of a half, end of the game or just going no huddle, it starts with the guy taking the snap."

"We challenged our kids at halftime. We've been a really strong second half team and didn't want to see any dropoff. We were able to come out on the opening series and went down and knocked it in. That was big. We challenged our kids just like the week before and end up with another 21-6 score in the second half."

on impending game with Nebraska:

"I look at Nebraska and see all kinds of names that were in that same lineup that beat us last year and beat us bad. They have a new quarterback and a few new faces here and there, but I see all kinds of names of guys that have been whacking us. Nebraska is a tremendous football team, great program and we just hope this thing can be a matchup instead of a mismatch."

"I hope we're more physical and have more playmakers. Other than the one year when it was a one-point game at half and one-point game with 11 minutes to go and then they got us with three touchdowns in the fourth quarter, it's been a complete mismatch. That usually starts up front with the offensive line and defensive front seven. You can talk about all of the other spots, but when you're getting beat up like we have playing Nebraska it usually starts up front. We've got to be a lot more physical than we've ever been to have a chance to win this game."

Jack Whitver on play of wide receivers:

"All week we knew that their game plan was going to be to stop the run. As receivers, that's what we like to see. We know we're going to get the ball thrown to us a lot. He made plays in the passing game. We knew all week that we were going to have to pass the ball. As a receiver group we played pretty well and had three guys with 80 yards or more. Lance had two touchdowns and that's a career high for him."

Todd Miller on his punt return for touchdown:

"When I catch the ball with about 10 yards to work with, that means the spotters have done a great in the outside. You've always got some daylight. On the one I returned I got a big block by Anthony Forrest and Harold Clewis on the outside. It was home free from that point on until I hit the goal-line."

Jordan Carstens on defense's play against Troy State:

"It was one of our goals this week to shut down their rushing game. They have had some success in the past couple weeks, so that was one of our goals. We gave up a few passes and they were hitting a few short gainers in the air. We were able to seam that up and play some pretty good defense."

"Anytime you can face a good rushing team, that's going to get you read for Nebraska. That's really what they're known for. We got a good tune-up this week and if we have a good week of practice then we should be ready to play."

"I think we've got some confidence and have played well. We've got some confidence coming in and that can do nothing but help us."

Bob Montgomery on offensive line's play:

"We didn't have a problem with it at all. I thought we played real tough. We still made a couple mistakes running the ball. We've got to be able to run the ball against anybody. We played as a unit pretty good and communicated pretty well."

"Running the ball has got to be a key for us. It's got to be more (than what we had tonight). There are no excuses that we can throw out there. No matter who we're playing or how good the defense is, we've got to be able to run the ball."

Seneca Wallace on third-down conversions and receivers reacting:

"It's just all about playing ball. When your quarterback is scrambling, it's basically coming back to the ball, making yourself available and getting a good lane for the quarterback to get the ball to you."

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