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"They're going to be in for a . . . rude awakening when they get here. They're not half as good as they've been in the past - and we've got the best . . . team we've ever had."
Iowa State fans on a confidence high
Des Moines Register

"I know they have some new personnel, but I see a lot of names back from the teams that have been whacking us around pretty good for the last seven years."
ISU cautiously optimistic for Saturday's Nebraska game
Quad City Times

Cyclone coach has program to level capable of beating Nebraska
Cedar Rapids Gazette

"People are pragmatic at Iowa State because they realize we're not exactly a football powerhouse. There's a certain amount of awe about Nebraska. When Nebraska used to beat us 78-to-whatever, we didn't really dwell on it a lot. You figure it's Nebraska."
Times are a changin in Ames
Omaha World Herald

The Cyclones' ranking is the highest regular-season place since a No. 11 ranking in 1981. ISU finished the 2000 season ranked 25th in the AP poll, with a 9-3 record and a 37-29 victory over Pittsburgh in the Bowl.
Fresh off of 42-12 victory, ISU moves up in AP poll
Omaha World Herald

"Special teams obviously had a huge impact on the game tonight. We thought we had a chance to go after it. We wanted to go after the first one to see if we could get it."
Cyclone Notebook
Iowa State Daily

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