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Is this finally the year Jason Scales stays healthy and displays the considerable talents that once made him an Iowa high school phenom?

CN: Just starting off . . . I want you to talk about how excited you are about the upcoming season. Obviously injuries have prevented you from doing what you're capable of, but going into the season, how excited are you at having a chance to be a part of this program?

Scales: Um . . . I'm as excited as everybody else. We're all excited to get a chance to get out there and play, and try to do some good things out there on the football field for the Cyclones. Me personally, I'm just excited for the opportunity, like I said before, to get out there and play a little bit.

CN: Now, in talking to Bret earlier, his expectation is that you're going to be a thousand-yard back. That's what he said in our interview. What are your expectations of yourself for this season?

Scales: Well, my expectations are to come out and help the football team, just like any other player, just try to perform to the best of my abilities and just help out the football team any way I can.

CN: What have you done this summer? Since the end of spring ball, what has been your routine this summer? Walk us through it in detail.

Scales: Well, I've been doing our weight-lifting and our running. We run hard every day; we work hard every day. You know, we come to work each day just to work; that's what I've been doing, and then when we have our time for our 7-on-7 sessions and things like that, you know, working on catching the ball and doing a little bit of footwork and different things . . . footwork drills and different things like that, which is every day just coming to work.

CN: What has happened in terms of the conditioning program this spring and summer with you? We learned that Bret put on about 10 pounds. Talk to us about the transformation you've gone through physically.

Scales: Well, I feel stronger and I feel explosive. I just feel . . . I feel pretty good going into the season and hopefully I'll stay that way. But I just feel like I'm making gains and I'm getting stronger.

CN: Have you put on weight? Have you lost body fat?

Scales: Well, we haven't done our Bod Pod test to find that out, but I would say I've put on some weight. I'm about 211, 210, around in that area. I feel pretty good so far and hope I can stay that way.

CN: What about your speed?

Scales: Well, I feel like I'm getting faster. Only time will tell with that, once we get into the season, but as of right now I feel like I'm getting faster.

CN: Now in spring ball it looked like instead of looking to sort of jump around or to be sort of a quick back, it looked you were trying to hit people, run folks over. What was your thinking going into spring ball and how do you see yourself approaching the running game this year?

Scales: Well, I guess my thinking as far as spring ball was to come out and, like every other player, try to earn a spot on the football team, just work hard each day, just do the best I could, whatever it may be. If that's running into people or running around them or whatever it may be, just try to make plays and going to be my same outlook during the season, just to help out the football team and make plays.

CN: Coach McFarland has said that he wants a thousand-yard back. That was something that used to be an annual expectation at Iowa State and then it vanished. Talk about his emphasis on the running program and what that means to you.

Scales: Well, he emphasizes running the ball, as well as passing the ball. We'll need to be a strong football team in both areas, and I'm excited about that opportunity to come out, like I said before, and just help out the football team.

CN: You caught some balls in the spring scrimmage and in spring, right?

Scales: Yes, sir.

CN: That's a little different than we've seen in the past. How do you see the team using the backs as receivers?

Scales: Well, you know, if we get an opportunity to do that, I'm excited about that chance, to just, like I said, help out the team and it's a fun opportunity to get a chance to catch the ball downfield and to maybe make some plays a little bit, but we'll just have to see how that goes over the course of the next few months.

CN: Between now and the end of the summer season before two-a-days, what do you plan on doing over the next two, three weeks?

Scales: Um . . . same thing, continue to get stronger, to work on my explosiveness, continue to work on my footwork, work on getting the plays down and things like that. Those are the big things that I'm going to work on leading up into the tour days.

CN: Describe to us how you see the line coming along. We know that this is a big question for our subscribers, for the Iowa State fans. Talk about what you see from the offensive line to date.

Scales: I think they're coming along just fine. I think they'll do a great job this year. I think they'll come together and play well, and help us do great things coming this season.

CN: Is there anyone, or are there a group of guys that you see on the line that are emerging or standing out right now, that are . . .

Scales: They're all working hard and coming to work each day. You know, when we run, when we lift, they're all coming and working hard and that's what you want to see out of every player, just to come and work hard and do the best we can, so that's . . . all of them are doing that.

CN: Now, the running backs . . . right now who are the group of running backs . . . Coach McFarland, when I interviewed him yesterday said that this team is going to need more than one back, so who are the other guys in the backfield that you think are going to be making contributions to this team?

Scales: We'll only find that out during the fall. Each one of us is working hard and, like I said, come tour days we're going to compete and try to get a spot during the fall.

CN: How are Cameron and J.J. looking? They're a couple of newcomers.

Scales: They're working hard. They came in, got adjusted to what we're doing, and they're working hard.

CN: Just a couple other questions, and this is about our newcomers. We've heard a lot about his speed, and Bret said he might be the fastest guy on the team. What have been your initial impressions of Wallace Franklin?

Scales: Well, he's an impressive guy and he plays well. You know, he's working hard, like everybody else, but so far he's impressed me with his work ethic.

CN: Finally, this team, in a lot of the pre-season publications, has been picked to finish toward the bottom. But in talking to the guys, they have high expections. What are your expectations for the team this year, in terms of competing for a Big 12 North championship and going to the Big 12 championship game?

Scales: That's the objective of every season, to come out and compete for the Big 12 championship. We're going to play fast and play physical, and we're going to work hard and just do the best that we can, and hopefully that will take us toward the Big 12 championship.

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