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"I'm not saying it will be different, but I know we'll be confident. I got caught up in everything a little too much last year, playing on the road and in front of that big crowd that made it hard to hear anything."
Hoarse Wallace recalls last year's Husker game
Des Moines Register

School officials expect an overflow crowd in the press box. Sports Illustrated, ESPN The Magazine and the Chicago Tribune will be on hand, along with representatives of the Houston and Florida Citrus bowls and scouts from the Pittsburgh Steelers, Indianapolis Colts, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, Miami Dolphins, Seattle Seahawks and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
Game attracting ‘national' media types
Des Moines Register

"To do it in the same year that we lose to UNI, it's just hard to fathom."
Keeler goes down memory lane in 1992
Des Moines Register

"You can't open a paper or turn on the TV or a radio without hearing it. It's certainly coming from a negative vein. They are a young team and they're very impressionable."
Nebraska dealing with negatives from outside program
Des Moines Register

"It's shocking to even hear that when we've haven't made a game out of it with Nebraska since I've been here."
Oddsmakers add intrigue to this Saturday's matchup
Ames Tribune

"I'll be fine. Sometimes people play better when they're sick. You've got to concentrate more."
ISU quarterback shakes off cold, hopes to do same against Nebraska
Quad City Times

"I'm not a very good fan. I'm not a yeller or a cheerer, but I don't sit well watching because I played for so long. I'm not much fun to go with because I analyze everything. We've had this party planned for some time. They (the Cyclones) don't need me anyway. They are good enough on their own to win this game. They don't need any speeches from me.''
Game's 10-year anniversary invokes memories of Marv
Quad City Times

"I don't know about being a favorite. It's kind of shocking."
McCarney amazed that Cyclones are favored
Waterloo Courier

"We're not going to lose this game. Iowa State is excited, and they should be excited. It would be a big step for them to win. I just can't see it."
Husker center confident of team's chances
Omaha World Herald

"Physically, there were some games they knew, we knew, we had no chance. No matter what I told my kids, it was just such a physical mismatch - talent-wise, ability, strength, physicalness. In our early years, especially. And we didn't do anything to change their opinion of us, I'm sure, last year. They just slobber-knocked us."
ISU hopes to close gap with perennial power
Omaha World Herald

"It's not a bit of a distraction. I'm not going to let it be for the team. Let's be proud that we've got these people coming in to look at our program. Nebraska is always ranked. Iowa State never is. All of a sudden, Sports Illustrated is coming in. I talked to Kirk Herbstreit this morning."
Cyclone Notebook
Omaha World Herald

"It puts you in a position to go some places we've never been, by winning that game, and it puts you in a position to be a part of some history and hopefully some memories in this program that people will want to relive and talk about for a long time. That's the opportunity we have. It's not pressure to me, it's an opportunity, and let's make the most of it."
Toppling Huskers would break new ground for McCarney-led Cyclones
Iowa State Daily

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