Allen Bell Q&A

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Name: Allen Bell

CN: Now, you were highly touted coming out of JuCo. Talk about what it's been like to be on the Ames campus and to work with Coach Sheppard and his strength and conditioning program.

Bell: Oh, it's been a learning experience, definitely.

CN: In what way?

Bell: A lot of the stuff that we started doing here, we never even thought about doing in JuCo. So I mean, it's been a reality check, coming up to this next level. I can tell that the style of play is going to be ‘way different than from junior college, from up here.

CN: So what are some of the specific things that they've had you doing that you'd have never thought of at the JUCO level?

Bell: Just all the different types of running and different weight exercises, different types of . . . clean and jerk, and the squatting and all of that. It's been a . . . and the running around the weight room, no rest . . . a lot of things like that are ‘way different than what we did at junior college.

CN: Now, what has been your . . . when you look in the mirror, when you run, when you lift . . . what changes have you made as a player in terms of your strength, your speed, your explosiveness?

Bell: Well, I know when I first got here I think we did a body fat, and I was at 9.8, and we did it just a week or two ago and I had dropped down to about 6.1. So that's a . . . it's a change. I thought I had a little bit at the beginning, but . . . it's a big difference. I can already tell that my core strength is going to be a lot better this season than it was before, too.

CN: Now, in terms of working into this unit . . . Where do you see yourself right now and what are the things that you feel you need to do in order to break into that starting unit?

Bell: Well, I think what I need to really focus on is just learning the plays, you know, alignment and assignment a little bit more, then just getting better each day from the day before than I was. So I think I'm doing that now, but it's all a process, so . . . we'll have to wait and see what happens.

CN: Now how do you think . . . are you going to end up a corner, at safety? Where do you think you'll finally end up on this roster?

Bell: I'm going to be at the corner position. I'm really not trying to move to safety, so yeah.

CN: Perhaps the strength of this team is its receiver corps. There's a lot of depth, there's a lot of speed. Give us your impression of that side of the ball.

Bell: We've got a lot of nice guys out here, I mean, just . . . I believe after practicing against our receivers, that I should be able to be decent against anybody who we play against, but . . . it's a lot of talent.

CN: How fast is Wallace? Milan said it looked like he had a wind behind him.

Bell: Oh, he's fast, he's fast. You can't blink with him or . . . you've got to use good technique with him or he'll be gone. So, you've got to really watch yourself. But he's super-fast.

CN: How fast is Michael? We've heard that he, in JuCo, covered the other team's fastest receiver. How fast is he out there?

Bell: Uh . . . Bibbs? He . . . he can move too. I've seen him catch one and go for a touchdown the other day, which was . . . he had a lot of speed behind him, so I think we're going to be a pretty speedy defense and team, all the way around, actually.

CN: Last couple questions . . . how physical a unit do you think this would be, and how physical was practice the other day?

Bell: Uh, it was good, the first one with shoulder pads on. It was pretty physical; we just kind of butted up, but it was a lot of thudding going on. A lot of shoulder pads clacking, which is always a good thing.

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