Ahtyba Rubin Q&A

If you missed the audio of this recent coversation here's the transcript.

CN: Let's start off just in terms of the defensive line. Coach Chizik said this is the key; this is where the wins and losses are really going to mount up, the strength of the line. Talk about where you-all are right now.

Rubin: We're pretty much just trying to do good every day. I mean, I really don't have a good focus or know that much on what's going on. I just try to go to every practice and do well. I mean, I really don‘t know right now.

CN: Now, in terms of where you-all were last spring versus where you are today, talk about the progress you've made over the past few months, particularly working with Coach Shep.

Rubin: A lot of guys are stronger, getting right. But we've got a lot of improvement; we just got done working out today, so we've still got a long way to go.

CN: You guys had a chance to put on pads and hit some. How did that go?

Rubin: Um . . . it was fine, it was fine. We need a couple more days to go out there, like today we're going out there, hitting some more in pads. Can't wait to go out there, so . . . it's just a waiting game.

CN: How physical is it?

Rubin: Pretty physical. We're trying to get physical every day. It's like a daily thing, man, game of chess, you know?

CN: Now, we know that there are some new guys coming in, Tate, Weir, Lyle. How are these guys working into the unit?

Rubin: Oh, they're doing pretty good, they're fitting in, learning everything right, just like everyone else on the team. They just come out every practice, try to get better at their certain knacks and deals they need to get better at.

CN: Coach Pelton, I talked to him earlier. He said, you know, it's really important that some leadership emerge in the defensive line from the field. Who's emerging as a leader of this unit?

Rubin: Um . . . the whole defensive group, defensive line group, linebackers, mainly we've all got to just step up and help each other out. I mean, one of us might get fatigued or one of us might forget one thing. We just all need to step up and help each other, that's the way I feel.

CN: How is the team, coming back from spring, how have they grasped the defensive concepts of Coach Bolt? You know, is it coming back and having to have a major refresher, or did you guys basically pick up from where you left off?

Rubin: Uh . . . I really can't say. I don't know too much about that. I mean, it's pretty good every day. We've still got to work on a lot every day, every day.

CN: Last question. In terms of the overall defensive unit, where do you feel you guys are right now, and what's the main things the coaches are telling you you need to work on over the next couple weeks?

Rubin: Just . . . on everything. Coaches want us to come out there and practice on getting off the ball, getting physical, everything, just playing the game of football. Just every day worry about practice, and get it done.

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